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Default Re: Fenix's Reffing Log

"Fun for All"


Gameboy Style
Everyone picks a Nature/Personality for their Pokemon
No Items or Hold Items
Sleep moves banned, but Rest is allowed
Hit-all moves hit one until there are three left
No Perish Song

The Pokemon and Trainers:

Marth- Alakazam
Bryce- Manectric
Team Overkill- Raichu
Fire Away- Togekiss
Blue and Pink Hypno- Smurf
Ultima Boss- Tyranitar
Sigma_- Shedinja
Crazy321: Cradily

This lasted a long time. Alakazam was knocked out in the first turn, leaving Shedinja to faint to Tyranitar's Sandstorm. In the end, Hypno and Cradily were duking it out, but the sand damage was too rough on Hypno and eventually Cradily emerged victorious.

8th- Marth: $1000
7th- Sigma_: $1000
6th- Ultima Boss: $1000
5th- Fire Away: $1500 and the Thank-You Award for being the first to thank me for reffing
4th- Bryce: $2000
3rd- Team Overkill: $2500
2nd- Smurf: $3000
Winner- Crazy321: $3500 and the Math Award for counting PP in IM

I should get: $4000

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