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Post Re: Jack's Quest

Ch. 2 Early Turmoil

"You're crazy if you think I'm just gonna hand over Charmander!" Jack yelled at the man. Charmander nodded and sunk into a fighting pose ready to defend itself.

The man's eyes narrowed. "Well if you insist on doing things the hard way..." The man pulled a pokeball out from under his coat. It was unlike any other pokeball Jack had ever seen. It was jet black and had odd red lights eminating from silver bars located just around the release button. The man threw the pokeball high into the air "GO PUPITAR!!!"

A silver cocoon shaped pokemon with spikes around its face emerged. "I already know about these. Dad trained one just before we lost contact..." Jack thought to himself.

"Pupitar use screech!" The Pupitar let out a high pitched noise which caught Charmandar off guard. " Now Pupitar use slam!"

The Pupitar flew through the air on a collision course with the small fire pokemon. Jack was frozen and couldn't make a command. Luckily, his Charmander was quick on its feet and lept out of the way. Charmander nimbly landed on its feet and turned towards Jack for a command.

"Charmander! Fire punch!" Charmander jumped up into the air as a small ball of fire formed around its clenched fist. The Pupitar attempted to evade the attack but wasn't quite quick enough to roll out of the way. Charmander's fire punch landed directly in its side.

"Your a fool if you thought that puny attack would hurt my Pupitar." and sure enough as the man said that Pupitar rolled back up unscathed from the attack.

"Finish this now Pupitar. Hyper Beam!" A huge beam of golen light shot from one of the points on Pupitar's spiked face.

"Charmander use agiltiy to dodge the attack!" Charmander's whole body turned white and he leapt with extraordianary speed out of the way. The hyper beam flew under Charmander and collided with a nearby tree, destroying the tree's base.

The tree fell, narrowly missing Pupitar. The branches were splayed everywhere and Pupitar was surrounded.

"Charmander use flamethrower to catch the tree on fire!" Charmander spewed a huge stream of molten hot fire onto the trees branches and trunk. The whole thing was up in flames in seconds.

The Pupitar was drained of energy from its hyper beam and was unable to escape the blaze.

"Pupitar return..." the man help out the black pokeball and a beam of red light engulfed Pupitar. "So you think I'm licked just because you took out my Pupitar? You must not realize how powerful Team Alpha is."

The man threw a new black pokeball from his belt. A huge brown bird with a long thin beak emerged from it. Jack had no idea what this pokemon was so he consulted the pokedex:

Fearow, the Beak Pokemon. Its huge and magnificent wings can keep it aloft in the sky. It can remain in the sky for a whole day without landing. Its beak is used for both hunting and fighting. The beak itself has an extremely long reach so approach with caution.

"You heard it Charmander. Stay out of reach of Fearow's beak but stay on tthe offensive." Charmander didn't need to be told twice. The little Pokemon shot a burst a fire at the large bird Pokemon and then promptly jumped backwards to increse the distance between it and Fearow.

"Fearow, Drill peck!" The giant bird flew high into the sky until it was invisible because of the night sky. Suddenly it came hurtling straight toward the hurth in a spral motion.

"Charmander Agility!" The move was almost too late the majority of Charmander got out of the way but its tail didn't quite make it. Charmander let out a cry of pain.

"We can end this now, boy, if you'll just turn over your pathetic Pokemon. No one else will have to get hurt."

Jack had finally had enough. "I'd rather die then turn my Pokemon over to someone like you! Charmander use ember on the man not the Fearow!"

Charmander let lose a fury of fiery sparks all over the strange man. He roared in pain. "YOU"VE DONE IT NOW! FEAROW ATTACK THE LITTLE BASTARD AND DON'T LET UP UNTIL I SAY!"

The Fearow nodded and began attacking Charmander with its long beak. The assault lasted several minutes with Charmander unable to escape. Finally Fearow had Charmander backed up to the flaming trap created for Pupitar.

The tall man wiped his sweating brow and grinned. "Its all over now. We have you were we want. If you wish for Charmander to remain unscathed you will give him to me. Its on your hands."

"NEVER!" Jack bellowed. Jack picked up a nearby rock and flung it at the man. It hit dead center causing the man's lip to bleed.


Fearow reared its head back ready to finish Charmander off with its large beak. "NO!" Jack darted between the large bird and his only pokemon and took the attack for it. The huge beak sunk deep into the right side of Jack's chest.

"You fool," said the man "You're not going to give me the pleasure of finishing you off. Nonetheless I'll make sure this mess is cleaned up. Fearow you finish off the runt," Then the man reached under his coat and pulled out another black pokeball "Houndour I want you to make sure that boy doesn't get back up."

Everthing was moving rather slowly for Jack. He saw Charmander helplessly trying to defend itself from the attacking Fearow. He saw a small black dog explode from the pokeball teeth barred ready to finish up what Fearow had started and worst of all he saw the tall man step over the burning tree and escape into the darkness. "He got away" Jack thought miserably.

The Houndour was almost to him. Jack was in no shape to defend himself and was losing blood quickly. His only hope was to fling one of his pokeballs and hopefully trap the Houndour. Jack weakly threw a pokeball in the dog's general direction. He tried to see how Charmander was doing but his blood loss was too much. Everything went dark and Jack passed out.

To be continued...

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