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Default Re: Avatar Club [Title Suggestions Welcome]

Name: Eeveeking929
Age: 16
Nickname: Khajmer
Favorite Character: Iroh makes the rest of the characters not even exist on the favorites list. I mean, it's like they're there, but under him at number one, his raising the curve so high means that Zuko, my favorite after Iroh, is all the way down at number 7,438,912,655, with the rest following after that.

Poke Master, in regards to your question concerning Zutara, I am in fact one of those people. Zutara with Maiko on the side as an "okay, I could live with this" fallback, and willing to accept Kataang if it becomes canon. So, from an insider's point of view, let me just tell you now that I will admit this is borderline crackship, and was completely crackship up until Crossroads of Destiny. We simply enojyed the ship because they were mortal enemies, and that was good enough for a lot of us. Now that it's being given a fair chance though *pokes NYCC Finale Trailer*, we're all suddenly a lot more interested. So yeah. go rewatch Crossroads of Destiny, then watch the NYCC trailer. You'll at least see what we're getting at.
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