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Default Re: Twisted Mirror [PG]

2 Battle of Mount. Moon

As I travel the Kanto region again through my gift at stealth tactics, no place was more important strategically as Mount. Moon itself. The fact that it was a warring front between the new-gens and the allied forces made it that much more important. The very reason why anyone would wish to occupy Mount. Moon was that it looked over both Cerulean and Pewter. Strategically it would mean that Mount Moon was the perfect vantage point as well as it being close to the supplies, for easy defending purposes. Of course, this meant that both sides would love the mountain, and would war to get there.

I was given power after my journey to Lavender Tower. I would in return serve the Gengar if needed be. The trade-off wasn't too bad, but then again a stealth power, the ability to hide in shadows, wasn't very useful overall, especially when my first mission as the messenger of shadows was to cripple the human forces enough for the new-gens to take control of the battle and secure Mount. Moon. The fact that I did not care who would win this war, pushed me to do so. As long as profit was abound, no uliginous and greedy person would ever dare to defy such a simple task.

I used my residency card in Kuga's territory to gain access through Cerulean quickly, and with fair grace too. The forces leave town every evening at seven as either enforcements or as shifts, from what I gathered during my short journey through Cerulean, and that my perfect chance would be to attack before the enforcements arrive at the foot of Mount. Moon. That spot would be near within the route beside it, and just perfectly the shadow of the mountain would cover that side during the evening. The job's description was simple: decimate or annihilate the forces and run. The execution would be another.

I arrived at the hiding spot at about noon, perfect timing to get food, which today happened to be roasted pidgey (with the aid of smeargle's slow-burning flame), much better tasting than the “mystery meat” I kept getting back at the swamp. Apparently the only guarantee there was that the meat wasn't poisonous, and even that I doubted. The resident vegetables were... well grass, which tasted horrible and lacked nutrition, not that swamp plants tasted any better and had more nutrition.

It was almost pleasant, me waiting for my job to begin and enjoying the view from here, looking down on the route. I would have to, since it would become a blood bath from today on, and maybe turn into another swamp here if things were to continue. Rarely did I get to eat exquisite food such as this pidgey. Certainly I would get less and less, since wild Pokemon has become a strong source of food lately; rationing of the Pokemon would likely take place, making catching food Pokemon even more profitable than before; that is, I would likely get two meals out of one pidgey corpse instead of one.

At seven o'clock sharp, I readied myself into action. The mystery of this was the number of people in the enforcement camp, and how many actually return from Mount. Moon. Since I did not bother to check either sizes, I could have been surprised. Instead I was bored, as the army was less than a thousand in people. Smeargle could plow through half of them with a fissure at this rate, assuming no initial resistance.

If chance had it, I would decimate and not annihilate. Staying back and waiting for the bulk of the army to enter my field of vision. I noticed something else. On the other side of the route seemed to be a pack of new-gens. Oh crap, that would mean that the attack was planned in the beginning, and that I was only to be a supplementary force, a “side dish”.

Even so, a job was a job. I had to change plans and actually go charging into the battlefield, which was not my style at all. For the allied force, “to arms” was basically arming them of modified weapons to mimic Pokemon attacks. Sometimes it was a sheer mock mimicry, others much better. This time, they carried water guns backed by them crappy lightning chargers that never seemed to work when you needed them to. I assumed that they were expecting either water Pokemon or rock Pokemon in Mount. Moon, but then again they would know better.

Unfortunately, the new-gens send out psychic Pokemon, contrary to belief that Pewter city carried rock Pokemon and that Mount. Moon would probably fall to such water guns. “To arms,” the men screamed as they were distracted from the attacks the new-gens were mounting, and I was human also. I sent out smeargle, called the magic word, and got a good number of the men into chasm smeargle created. It seemed to me that those men didn't count me in as a threat, as they continued to ignore me and went on to attack the new-gens with increasing vigor. The sight was magnificent, and I just had to stop to take in the view from behind my chasm. It was “bloodshed” on both sides, with the psychic Pokemon mounting attacks that slammed the men together, or pound them with invisible psychic fists. The men just blasted their water guns and electric chargers away at the new-gens, attempting to pick off several new-gens at a time with one blast or two.

If a bystander would stand here and watch this battle, it would seem that the men were winning this battle, as the men continuously got up from psychic damage over and over again, while the psychic new-gens continued to drop. What they didn't was the single human behind the chasm. Certainly a human such as I would be of no threat to the overwhelming numbers such as the psychic new-gens! The thought of me actually not being a threat was amusing, as back at the Swamp I was known as the threat to profit, as anyone who crossed me would know. I did not wish to kill, as it was not profitable, so the easiest way was to seal them all in chasms, let the new-gens take the mountain, then release the starving men back to Cerulean, with a mountain lost. Of course, I could just leave the men to die.

That was my planned movement, and that made what I had come to make. I called once again, with increasing vigor. Smeargle handled the next fissure with higher precision, as it hit the remaining standing men and sent them down through the chasm. Now came the hard part, the new-gens.

They were also very tired from their consistent attacking and receiving, and it was more than a relief to see those men just drop into a chasm such as that. They approached their target carefully and with suspicion. It was not everyday when the enemy would betray his own kind, let alone do that and stand in their way.
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