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Default Re: [WAR] Twisted Mirror [PG]

Fated Meeting

Of course, the only time when I headed into northern Kanto was that time, and generally speaking as I'm walking through these fields, I feel that my past flood over me. My journey through Kanto is moving quite smoothly, and I have my thanks to Gengar himself to give me such powers. Of course, every gift came with its own burden. I would have preferred if I never met them, as they became my downfall and the reason why I am making this journey. But I don't know.

I made my journey north of Cerulean in order to hide from the press for a while. The northern portions of Kanto was different and was a less rugged terrain, untouched by the scars of warfare. The north held fields of green, with small bushes littering the land. The bushes themselves coloured themselves yellow, pink, and red with flowers and other decorations. It was the only place in Kanto that was truly at peace. I stood out like a sore thumb, a disgusting, dirty man among the fields of purity and brightness.

I came from a society that did not appreciate beauty, but rather practicality. If it wasn't useful, but just pretty, it was generally tarnished or molded into something practical, yet not necessarily beautiful. If it could not help us survive, we will make it help us survive, or rather we could not do anything else. I had never stopped to appreciate the flowers, and I generally did not feel that it was a good idea to do so in the first place, as it would waste both time and effort, two most precious commodities in life. I could not bare to understand the “high society” with their “high standards” for beauty and material things. They called us barbaric, eating Pokemon out in the wilds for survival, but we called them arrogant, eating Pokemon without knowing they were eating them.

I walked about a day's worth of walking north through this grassland and tundra hybrid. It was interesting to see that the Pokemon here did not suffer as much, and they were generally more tasty than the usual run-of-the-mill Pokemon in these areas also. Starting a fire there was a nightmare, though. I couldn't get a very good fire going without it going out quickly, so I decided without and just sleep on the grass.

The sky was clear with many stars in the dark moonless sky. I noticed a frost in the air, as my breath continued to pour out an icy white haze, even if I could not see it. The darkness fell around me as a slowly stopped being aware of my surroundings. I was essentially one with nature, and nothing in nature would wish to harm me. That was one of the only nights when I was truly at peace outside of my happy days.

In the morning, I decided that a bath was at hand, and a nearby abandoned barrel was perfect for this occasion. I called out lapras to fill the barrel up with water, and smeargle to heat such a barrel full of water for me. In the swamp, I would do this every week or so if able to, but sometimes that wasn't possible either. Still, a hot bath in the chilly morning air was refreshing and definitely a very good decision in my part, aside from my luck of finding a barrel in the first place.

Feeling refreshed, I traveled east to the most northern point in Kanto. I might as well do some sightseeing while being on this escaping trip. This tundra atmosphere was definitely a nice scenery to live in, abide the fact that catching enough food may be on the tough side around here during winter times, but it was definitely a good place outside of winter, like now during the spring season. Ah how the plants bud their flowers!

As I walked to the edge of the world in two days, I have wondered about why I accepted Gengar's plans in the first place. I guess it would give me long term profit, but this right now was bad for business. Just when I was thinking about business, I saw some serious business in the distance.

In the middle of nowhere, there were two girls who were being harassed by some ugly thugs who were more ugly than I was, and that was a compliment. The girls, upon closer inspection, were cute twins. One has long curvy blond hair and the other had shoulder-length brown hair. What gave them away as twins were their similar curvy builds, and their cute faces being the same. Generally speaking, the twins had large brown eyes with a typical cute facial feature, with about average sizes on the facial parts, except for the below average mouth size. How they huddle and tremble among the three thugs were, in a way, sexy, typical of eye candy. In short, they were knockouts, and twins to boot.

So it was to business, at least the satisfaction of helping lovely maidens in distress and taking whatever from them later as payment was a warm feeling. I threw out all three of my pokeballs as I launched myself to the trio of thugs. Without any message, my Pokemon smashed out their signature attacks: lapras with her ice beam, smeargle with his fissure, and magneton with their thunderbolt. All three attacks landed directly on the thugs while leaving the twins safe from the enemies covering the bulk of the surface area. In short, there was no contest with me ambushing them.

I took the two girls from deep in the enemies' territory and ran as fast as I could. It was not long until I stopped from being at a safe distance from the thugs. I also let go of their hands and returned my Pokemon. “I'd assume correctly that you two were being harassed?” I asked with my back to them.

“Well yes. Thank you,” The blond one answered.

“Actually, I don't receive 'thank you' for an answer,” I bluntly grouched out as I turned my head. I saw them in their little trembles as they huddled together. How typical for girls to be like this, and they looked maybe two years younger than I was. Did this generation really have so little courage? I patched things up, “In fact, I'd prefer to invite you for dinner.” The two girls gave their sighs of relief. It seemed to them that I was not a threat to them if I were to say that. However were I to just let them go for my services, that would just not be my style, nor profitable. I continued on, “Well I do expect something for my services, if you understand what I mean.”

“What do you mean?” The young brunette spoke. She had a more flowery voice to the stronger voice that the blond had, and much less booming.

“Simple. I am a mercenary. You know, money,” I explained clearly. “I personally am not rich enough to do anything nowadays, and I had to resort to hunting in the past couple of weeks. It would be appreciated that you would... aid me.”

“You expect payment, eh?” the blond one hummed. “I agree to that. We can hammer out the details later, but right now I am officially hiring you to help us get back to Saffron City. From what I'm seeing, you're the only person even remotely close to trustworthy here.”
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