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Default The Sacred Log of Pichu

It feels so good to have one of these :P


~Coming soon~


~Coming soon~


My first battle :o

[AIM, 3v3, Revolution, No items, No weather, No Terrain]

Djax94: Gengar, Jolteon, Jumpluff
ShiniesRule1012: Crobat, Tentacruel, Staraptor

Both used Hypnosis. Crobat, being quicker, got the upper hand. Gengar switched to Jolteon. Crobat got the speed roll and Cross Poison'd. Jolteon subbed. Another roll win for Crobat with another Cross Poison, breaking the sub. Jolteon Thunder'd and PAR'd. Shadow Ball KOed, bringing out Tentacruel. It KOed Jolteon and Jumpluff was sent out. Staraptor was switched in, but was immediately put to sleep by Sleep Powder for 6 turns. After a lot Leech Seed sapping Staraptor's health and Jumpluff Swords Dancing thrice (three times), Staraptor woke up and Brave Brid'd Jumpluff's Sub. Return for the finish of the last two mons.

Djax94: $1000
ShiniesRule1012: $500

Me: $1500

Current Salary: $1500
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