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Default Re: Pokénnect

Originally Posted by Grassy_Aggron View Post
Interesting...One of the better MMRPG, for sure. I shall keep my eye on this-I look forward to the completion! BTW, I can't see the wierd colored Paras XD

May I also ask where you got the original D/P summary screen? I can't find it anywhere...It makes making a summary screen for Aggranium very difficult X.x

I'll take a look at the site. Chao!
Haha, thanks.
And you can't see it? Hmm, strange. :|
As for the summary screen, eh, you'd have to ask Lucario about that one. x:
I believe he rips from the game using an emulator, though.

Originally Posted by Eeveeking929 View Post
... I'm usually very skeptical about Pokemon MMOs. I bow to your feet. You have proven that the Pokemon MMO can be done well. Now someone just needs to prove to me that RTS's can be done in MMO form and I'll be happy.

Edit: btw, for some reason your forum has decided that I'm banned... despite the fact that I have no account there. You guys having technical difficulties?
Good to know. :D
And you're having problems signing up? I thought Arjun had that problem fixed. Hmm. I'll ask him about it.

EDIT: Okay, try this link:
If you're still having problems, tell us your IP address, as it may fall within range of someone who has been banned.
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