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I'm Kris- aka k_pop!
Afraid I'm rather new to writing fanfics. Most of the writing I did in school was book reports and term papers. Any creative writing we did was minimal. Usually we were given a topic to write a poem or short story. I have come up with my own ideas for stories, but never really brought myself to write them out.
Despite a lack of practice, I do enjoy writing. Book reports and research papers were usually some of my favorite assignments, depending on the topic of course. ^^' And although I despise Grammar, English Literature was something I always looked forward to. ^^
My fics probably won't have ratings with them. I don't tend to use bad language when I speak, so I doubt I will use much, if any, when I write.
Just click the title to link to the fic! ^^

The Keeper
On hiatus, indefinately. Sorry. ^^'
Pokemon chaptered fanfic: Fantasy/Adventure (I guess).
chapters posted: 10
The idea for this came while I was trying to think of a story to use a character I had already created- Chip the Furret. I finally had inspiration strike one night when I went outside wearing glow bracelets that had almost faded. Lightning reaches brain!!
This is the story of an eighteen year old girl, who awakens in the middle of a forest with no memory of her past, how she got there, or why she can suddenly understand Pokemon! Strangely, she has four thin bands on each wrist, which glow faintly. Even more strange, when she is attacked by a Crawdaunt, a Leaf Storm appears, protecting her. What is going on?
Meanwhile... something is watching her, and fears that a dark force is growing deep in the earth...

One Shots

A Friend in Need
My first complete posted fanfic, I got the idea for this by a single line going through my head one day. About a trainer who adopts a Minun from a shiny collector, after it struggles with the effects of a virus.
I didn't think this felt complete, so I have gone back and a revised version is in the works. Some edits have been made to the beginning, the story is being lengthened, with a more proper ending.

War Fics

Season VIII

The Monster
A story following the theme of a color assigned to each team. We had green.
I chose the green monster. Jealousy. Sometimes, something that seems harmless can get out of hand.

Secret Promises
"You said nobody would get hurt," was the prompt for the first sentence.
A young girl tries to help an unusual group of Pidgey without revealing the secret, only to have things go terribly wrong.

Deep Instincts
Any story under 7000 characters.
Instead of writing about a battle, this short one-shot is directly after a battle between a Zangoose and Seviper.

Season IX

Forget Me Not
Theme winner!!
Winterbound, with a theme set in the cold. Including the line, "I don't know who you are, but I've seen you in my dreams..." With a strange Ralts appearing during a snowstorm, a young woman still unable to get over her missing love has more surprises coming with the morning.

Legends Never Die
With a theme around transformation, I again decided to go against the grain. Instead of changing into a monster or something powerful, the story is about a Celebi that is losing his power. Dialga, also a being of time, is trying to help his friend. Had to include the line, "I first thought I'd eventually find the answer by searching. I never knew it was in my soul the entire time."
avvie and banner from the awesome bff Gem ^^

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