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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders

Geez, er...calm down... ^^'

Kris is stunned? Again...? xD Sorry, Kris. Didn't mean to stun you.

Rye: I've struggled, yet I've overcome. Fear is a weakness; it's best to forget it.

But feelings, after all, is what makes us living beings.

Zanna: I hope he's okay...that must have been tough on Rye, even for him.

Oh! More typos! *stabs* Thankyou, Kris! =]

Virok: Bah! That only shows that you were too weak; not powerful enough to overcome the light, by the looks of it. So naive.

Rye: My pleasure. I only hope it's enough. *smiles*

And I know about wounds that never heal. I, too, have suffered its wrath. I only wish...he would see things the way I do.

Life is like a beautiful flower; it may seem a little dull, but wait until it blossoms...

And I don't think that would be the best course of action. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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