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Default Re: Pokemon World Gyms!:NO POSTING!

^Credit to Aurastorm for the Kick @$$ banner^

In these gyms, you can only use pokemon that were available in the Kanto region. (pokemon on the pokedex #'s 1-15) No items, seeing as in Red and Blue, there were no items. You must have 50% of your pokemon be your gym type, and at least one poke being their first type, the type of your gym.

Pewter City Gym
Type: Rock
Wi-Fi Leader:
Shoddy Leader:

Cerulean City Gym
Type: Water
Wi-fi Leader: mutantmango
FC: 0216 2804 5551
Gym Rules: Standard battle, I'll use 3 water types. You can use no more than 3 super effective typed pokes. For example, you can't use a Raichu, Tangela, Victreebel and an Electrode. You can however, use a Raichu, Tangela, Victreebel and a Starmie with Grass Knot.
Open/Closed: CLOSED

Shoddy Leader: Diarago
Shoddy Name: Diarago
Gym Rules: 6v6 Battle, All Standard Clauses apply, I will use 3 Water types, No Usage restrictions on the challengers aside from abiding by the standard metagame
Open/Closed: OPEN

Vermilion City Gym
Type: Electric
Wi-fi Leader: Dark Turtwig
FC: 1418-7928-8052
Open/Closed: CLOSED
Shoddy Leader: Dark Turtwig
Shoddy Name: xXDarkTurtwigXx

Celadon City Gym
Type: Grass
Wi-fi Leader:
Shoddy Leader:

Fuchsia City Gym
Type: Poison
Wi-fi Leader:
Shoddy Leader:

Saffron City Gym
Type: Psychic
Wi-fi Leader:
Shoddy Leader: Mr. Awesome
Shoddy Name: Mr Awesome 95
Open/Closed: OPEN

Cinnabar Gym
Type: Fire
Wi-Fi Leader: Simo3000
FC: 2836-3235-6136
Open/Closed: CLOSED

Shoddy Leader:

Viridian City Gym:
Type: Ground
Wi-fi Leader:
Shoddy Leader:
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