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Scy's Characters

The Path of Destiny Characters:

Snowcrystal: female growlithe, has white fur and pale gray stripes; is very kind and trusting and makes friends easily.

Stormblade: male scyther, is very calm and friendly, doesn't usually get angry easily and tries to help others whenever he can; can't do much other than talk because of his many serious injuries.

Thunder: female scyther, was abused for a long time so she does not trust others; has many scars and often acts angry or mean to the other pokémon and humans. Also has a metal collar and the remains of a chain around her arm.

Spark: male jolteon, is usually hyper and finds it entertaining to annoy others; loves pokémon treats and talking...a lot.

Wildflame: female houndoom, an often calm pokémon who hates it when Spark starts some argument with someone. She belongs to Snowcrystal's group but was once a spy for Blazefang.

Redclaw: male arcanine with a large metal collar and also red flames painted on his claws, a very patient and friendly pokémon, Redclaw tries to solve arguments the others have when he's around. He is very kind and helpful.

Nightshade: male heracross, a very smart and peaceful pokémon who likes to help others and isn't easily offended, therefor doesn't get in arguments. He is usually quiet but talks from time to time.

Rosie: female ninetales, a young, newly evolved pokémon who has little patience, especially with Spark. She can often seem pessimistic and annoyed with others but is a very nice pokémon at heart. She has a broken leg so cannot walk well.

Blazefang: male houndour, enemy to Snowcrystal and the white growlithe before getting separated from his pack who joined Cyclone. He despises Thunder yet gets along well enough with some pokémon in the chat.

Katie: female trainer, a young trainer who loves pokémon and is always willing to help them out. Owns several pokémon including an aipom, shinx, poochyena, and pidgeot.

Justin: male ex-trainer, a boy who was Spark and Stormblade's trainer before his trainer license got taken away after Stormblade was thought to have killed a human. He loves most pokémon but is terrified of scythers.

Boneclaw: male houndour, once a follower of Blazefang but has now joined Cyclone for the time being. He does not appear in the chat often but will occasionally.

Cyclone: male vaporeon, a quiet and calm pokémon who's expressions rarely show emotion. It is incredibly difficult to anger or even annoy him. However, he is certainly not the playful and friendly type of pokémon vaporeon are usually seen as and well...I'll leave it at that.

Solus: male espeon, a cunning pokémon who trusts very few and despises humans after his Team Rocket owner left him for dead in a collapsing building. Gains joy from the pain of others. He has a black collar with a red "R" symbol on it.

Silverbreeze: female scyther. Not much is known about her, but she cares very little about others and does not mind seeing pokémon she knows getting hurt.

Mind Whisperer Characters:

Kinje: male scyther, a young and somewhat inexperienced scyther learning to be a member of an exploration team. He is very energetic and has a short attention span, but is very friendly and tries to make friends even with random strangers.

Cera: female arbok, a somewhat timid yet polite arbok who is nervous around other pokémon. However, in battle she can be very fierce.

Sayu: female leafeon, a member of a more experienced exploration team, Sayu doesn't have much patience for those who make a lot of mistakes. She is very proud of her team and finds Kinje rather annoying.

Seris: male tyrogue, the leader of Sayu's team; like Sayu he has little patience for those inexperienced and battle and can't stand cowardice. For this reason he doesn't particularly like Kinje either.

Teri: female manectric, the third member of Seris and Sayu's team. Unlike the others she is easy going and doesn't look for the flaws in others. She can be loud and obnoxious.

Serai: female rapidash, serves the guild master, is somewhat strict and doesn't have much patience.

Guild Master Arcanine: male arcanine, oversees everything that goes on in his guild. Not much is known about his personality.

More characters and info for Guildmaster Arcanine will be added later as they are introduced. ^^

Journey from the Valley Roleplay Characters:

Nightfang: female mightyena, a nice pokémon who unfortunately sometimes worries a lot.

Bladestrike: male scyther. Due to a nasty wound on his head he has amnesia. He even forgets things he learned after getting the wound so he has to be told more than once. He asks a lot of questions and is confused by very simple things. He also tends to panic...a lot.

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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