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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Hmm.... I have an idea for a story. I'd just like to get some feedback on the idea and if it's good I'll use it. I don't have much detail yet, but this is what I've got so far..

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Thieves: Quest for the Dimensional Key

The start of it is typical PMD, A human boy is transformed into a Poochyena and is found unconscious in a dungeon underneath a large small opening in the roof. Meanwhile, in the same floor a Meowth and a Luxio are carrying a treasure chest and many items to the hole.

The Meowth and Luxio attach a rope to the hole and climb up. As the approach the top, they notice the Poochyena lying on the ground. They decide to bring him with them, as they can't just leave him lying there.

When the Poochyena wakes up he finds himself at the Meowth and Luxio's house. After an introduction from them, he is shown around the house and is astonished to find a room full of items. (The ones from PMD 2) After some explaining, he is told that the Meowth a Luxio form a rescue team, Team Quickclaw and they are stealing items from dungeons so that that they can find the one that holds inside of it the Dimensional Key, an important item that was stolen from them. Along the way they meet Sasha, a Vulpix who is tracking down
a certain item that she needs to give to her mother.

Hmm.. it doesn't sound so good now that I've typed it out, but see what you think of it. ;]


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