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Default Re: Gym Tournament ~ The Final

Gym Leader Tournament Final Round
Michael vs AtaroBot

No Items
No Helds
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather
Sleep / Freeze / OHKO Clauses

Michael with Slowbro, Floatzel, Starmie
Ataro with Ambipom, Lickylicky, Miltank

Ambipom struggled against Slowbro, trying to set up, but its Subs just got shattered by Slowbro. It Rested when it was at little health and then switched out for Lickylicky, letting Slowbro set up a Reflect and Trick Room. Lickylicky got a Heal Bell and Toxic in and they went at each other, Lickylicky KOing with Thunder, profiting from a Rain Dance from Slowbro. Floatzel came in and got hit by a Thunder. It reduced Lickylicky to low health with a couple of Waterfalls, but fell to Lickylicky as well. Starmie was forced out, finishing off Lickylicky with a Surf. Ambipom came out and flinched Starmie, then Thunder Waved, getting Confused. Ambipom smacked itself a couple of times before switching out for Miltank. Starmie tried Confusing again, but it didn't work this time. Ataro won with three Returns.

Ataro wins and gets $2000 + first place prize.
Michael loses and gets $1000 + second place prize.
I should get $1500 for reffing.


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