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Default Re: Eraizaa's shinban no hon


Rules: 12 people FFA, Revo, No holds, No sleep moves, No Perish Song, Hit-all moves hit-one, No evasion, Up to two Pokemon (randomly chosen by dice at the beggining of each turn) were given priority +10 to their attacks inteads of the regular priority as long as there were more than 2 Pokemon in the game.

Ketamine's Garchomp
LegendSlayer's Metagross
WatchMeBeQuieter's Walrein
Kingraptr's Kingdra
Black Hawk's Tangrowth
-PK's Metagross
Queenie Beanie's Gardevoir
Leman's Spiritomb
rpgRacoon's Sandslash
TheEvilDookie's Swampert
Fierce Deity's Electivire
U-B-3-R's Salamence


Black Hawk: $5,500
TED: $5,000
LS: $4,500
King: $4,000
Leman: $3,500
Ketamine: $3,000
RPG: $2,500
Queenie: $2,000
-PK: $1,500
WMBQ: $1,000
Fierce Deity: $1,000
UB3R: $1,000
Me: $6,000

Salary: $21,000

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