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Default Re: MK's British Ref Log


AIM, 1v1v1v1v1v1v1, Revolution, No Weather, No Terrain, No Items/Helds, Hit all moves hit one, No Perish Song, No OHKO moves, No Sleep Moves, , Failure to send moves in 5 mins results in 10% health off and using Splash, Every participant is rolled a Random mon to use, they can re-roll their mon at the cost of 25% HP and they must stick with that mon, if you KO a mon, you get to choose a TM to use

HKim: Lanturn 6TH
Iridium: Nidroan ♂ Spiritomb 1ST
PapaLuLu27: Caterpie Pachirisu 7TH
ragnajacob: Octillery 2ND
Michael: Nidoqueen 5TH
Volcanflame: Seadra Gallade 3RD
Loyal Arcanine: Lapras 4TH

Some backstabbing was involved...

Iridium: $3000
ragnajacob: $2500
Volcanflame: $2000
Loyal Arcanine: $1500
Michael: $1000
HKim: $1000
PapaLuLu27: $1000

Me: $3500

Current Salary: $37000
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