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Default Re: [WAR VIII] The Knights of the Round Table; Truth, Honour, Nobility

By Me
Want to sign up? :o

Sign Up Form
Anything you can do:
Why You Want to Join:

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Ranks there are many ranks that you can go up to prove how good you are in the team.

Head Knight
-Pichu Boy- [URPG, Sprite Art, Debate, Shoddy]

Deputy Head Knight
-Adam- [URPG, Shoddy, Graphics, Drawn Art, Debate]

Elite Knights
Elrond [URPG, Shoddy, Wi-Fi, Spriting]
Arate [URPG, Graphic Arts, Wi-Fi, Brawl]

Royal Knight
DaughterOfMew [Graphics, URPG, Shoddy, Drawn Art, Wi-Fi Brawl]
iReign [Graphics , URPG]

Senior Knight

Metalic Houndoom [URPG, WI-FI, Brawl]
Pokeboy Sarab [Spriting]
Xalapeneo [URPG, Shoddy, Possibly WI-FI]
Spiderc [URPG, Spriting]
White Wolf Of The Snow [Graphic Arts, URPG, Wi-Fi, Fan Fiction, RP, Half Spriting]
Ayra [Spriting, Role Play, Writing, Drawing, URPG]
Daugher of Suicuine [Role Play, Writing, URPG, Graphics]
Joangaes [URPG, WiFi, Shoody, Banners ]
We The Pichus.... [URPG, Shoddy]
Iridium [URPG, Shoddy]
Fossil Fusion [Shoddy, URPG] {Fossil Knight}
Neurotic Nero [Drawn Art, Humor]
Yoda [Wi-fi, Shoddy]
Ataro [URPG, Shoddy, Debate]
TheEvilDookie [URPG, Shoddy]
Pka57 [URPG, Shoddy, Humour, Debate]

Junior Knight
U&E [Practicing Writing, URPG,]

The Champion will be the person who has gained the most points for us :3

Champion: Black Hawk [URPG, Shoddy, WI-FI, Brawl]

[URPG] [VPP] [Knights of the Round Table] [ASB]

“For ten years I chased Suicune, and I finally got to see it. I'm all choked up!”

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