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Default Pokemon Abilities

Pokemon Abilities

Here they are! These are the Pokemon Abilities most of you love, now available in anime style.

[#-means that it has been modified to fit anime style]
[*-means that it'll work just like in the game for now.]
[The others have been confirmed in the anime]

Adaptability - Moves matching the this Pokemon's type will be more powerful and better performed. #

Aftermath - When knocked out by physical contact, this Pokemon lets out a spiritual force or strong acid that hurts the opponent. #

Air Lock - Weather becomes normal and stays normal in this Pokemon's presence. #

Analytic - This Pokemon is cautious and tends to let the foe attack first so it can plan its own attacks more efficiently. Thanks to this, whenever it attack after the foe the power of its moves increases.

Anger Point - When hit on a weak spot, Pokemon will become angry and strike with greater force than normal. #

Anticipation - This Pokemon can feel danger coming its way. #

Arena Trap - This Pokemon creates a Sand Tomb as it engages in battle. #

Battle Armor - This Pokemon's armor decreases damage and has no weak spots. #

Big Pecks - This Pokemon’s DEFENSE cannot be lowered.

Blaze - Fire moves gain more power when the Pokémon is at 33% HP or lower.

Chlorophyll - When the weather is Sunny (very strong sunlight), this Pokemon's Speed is doubled and its agility increases as well. These effects fade when weather is changed or returned to normal. The doubled Speed is not a stat change.

Clear Body - This ability blocks any reduction of the Pokémon's stats by the enemy. For instance, Pokémon with Clear Body are immune to Intimidate, but still receive the +2 Attack from Swagger. This does not prevent the -Speed from Curse, the -Attack and -Defense from Superpower, or any other stat loss caused by the this Pokemon. It also does not block the effects of Heart Swap, Guard Swap, or Power Swap. *

Cloud Nine - While Pokémon with Cloud Nine are out, the effects of weather are temporarily disabled even though the current weather is not changed to normal. #

Color Change - This Pokemon is able to become invisible except for any markings the Pokemon has.

Compoundeyes - This Pokemon's sight is a lot better than that of other Pokemon, even during the night, giving this Pokemon enhanced accuracy.[B]

Contrary - This Pokemon fools its opponent and reverses changes in its stats.

Cursed Body - This Pokemon may curse the foe when attacked, temporarily Disabling the attack that was used against it.

Cute Charm - This Pokemon's natural beauty/cuteness may cause the opponent to become attracted. *

Damp - Prevents the use of Explosion and Self-Destruct. *

Defeatist - When this Pokemon’s HP reaches 50% or less, it becomes discouraged and its ATTACK and SPECIAL ATTACK are halved.

Defiant - This Pokemon refuses to be cowed and will raise its ATTACK stat two levels when any of its stats are decreased.

Download - This Pokemon's ATTACK increases when the foe's DEFENSE is lower than it's SPECIAL DEFENSE, and its SPECIAL ATTACK increases when the foe's SPECIAL DEFENSE is lower than it's DEFENSE. If the stats are the same, the higher offensive stat of the Pokémon who activated this ability becomes higher on this Pokemon. *

Drizzle - It rains when this Pokemon engages in battle. *

Drought - The sunlight becomes strong when this Pokemon engages in battle. *

Dry Skin - This Pokemon is refreshed by rain and water, but it can't stand heat or strong sunlight. *

Early Bird - This Pokemon wakes up faster than other Pokemon. *

Effect Spore - This Pokemon releases spores when hit. These may inflict POISON, SLEEP, or PARALYSIS anyone who inhales them. #

Filter - Super Effective attacks do 75% damage. *

Flame Body - This Pokemon's body has natural flames that may burn whoever comes in contact with them. The Pokemon's flames only burn those the Pokemon chooses. These flames can be frozen however.

Flare Boost - This Pokemon focuses on the pain of any burns it has to make its ATTACK stat increase by 50%.

Flash Fire - Prevents damage from Fire attacks. When hit by a fire attack, this Pokémon’s Fire moves become stronger. *

Flower Gift - This Pokemon and ally Pokemon's ATTACK and SPECIAL DEFENSE become stronger when the sunlight is strong. *

Forecast - Changes type to match the weather. Does not activate on Sandstorms.

Forewarn - The Pokemon may sense what might happen next. #

Friend Guard - This Pokemon cares more for its allies than itself, so in during battle it will guard them to reduce the amount of damage they take.

Frisk - This Pokemon will be very attentive to detail and will quickly discover what Item the foe is holding. #

Gluttony - This Pokemon will eat anything edible and if it finds Berries, will eat them at 75% health. When it sees or smells food, this Pokemon will do anything it can to reach it. *

Guts - This Pokemon will fight harder when suffering from a status condition. *

Harvest - This Pokemon is very good at finding Berries to use during battle.

Healer - This Pokemon hates seeing teammates suffer, so in battle it may attempt to heal the status conditions of its allies.

Heatproof - Receive half damage from Fire attacks and Burn damage. *

Heavy Metal - This Pokemon’s body is composed of metal that’s heavier than normal, doubling its weight.

Honey Gather - The Pokemon might be able to make Honey when out of the Pokeball. (Only 3 times per Park visit)

Huge Power - This Pokemon will strike a lot harder unless the target copies this ability. *

Hustle - This Pokemon will try its best to strike and strike hard when using physical attacks, but because it won't pay much attention to details when doing so, it's ACCURACY is reduced. #

Hydration - Cures Status conditions during the rain. *

Hyper Cutter - ATTACK cannot be lowered. *

Ice Body - Slowly recovers health during hail or snow. *

Illuminate - The Pokemon may create light. This light might attract curious Pokemon to the scene. #

Illusion - This Pokemon disguises itself as the last Pokemon in the Trainer’s party, misleading and confounding its foes.

Immunity - Pokemon can't be POISONED or inflicted with TOXIC. *

Impostor - This Pokemon will automatically Transform into its foe.

Infiltrator - This Pokemon is very attentive to weaknesses in the shield moves of its foe, letting it ignore those shields and strike the foe at full force. (Barrier, Light Screen, Acid Armor, Reflect, Protect, Safeguard, Mirror Move, Counter)

Inner Focus - This Pokemon's focus cannot be swayed, and it will never FLINCH. *

Iron Barbs - This Pokemon’s spiky body damages the foe if its hit with a Physical attack.

Insomnia - This Pokemon cannot be inflicted with SLEEP. *

Intimidate - This Pokemon's behavior or appearance may cause opponents to hesitate to attack. #

Iron Fist - "Punch" attacks are stronger than usual. *

Justified - This Pokemon’s ATTACK will increase one level if struck with any Dark-type moves.

Keen Eye - Prevents ACCURACY loss. *

Klutz - This Pokemon is extremely accident-prone and uncoordinated. It has a big problem with even simple combos, and may often trip and/or fall. It also can't make use of any Held Items. #

Leaf Guard - Prevents Status conditions during strong sunlight. *

Levitate - This Pokemon may float or fly (depending on the species).

Light Metal - This Pokemon’s body is composed of metal that’s lighter than normal, halving its weight.

Lightningrod - This Pokémon always gets hit by Electric moves used in combat, and in the process it will gain a boost in its SPECIAL ATTACK as well as taking no damage. Thunder Wave will activate this Ability instead of causing Paralysis. Pokemon with this Ability that are immune to Electric moves will not gain the SPECIAL ATTACK boost.

Limber - This Pokemon is very flexible and can not be PARALYZED. *

Liquid Ooze - Causes damage to attacker when this Pokémon is Leeched or Drained. *

Magic Bounce - This Pokemon constantly exudes a telepathic force that reflects moves that alter stats, status, or Ability of the target.

Magic Guard - Only attacks do damage. (ex. Leech Seed won't zap health.) *

Magma Armor - This Pokemon's body generates heat and prevents FROZEN status. *

Magnet Pull - This Pokemon has magnetism that may prevent Steel types from escaping/switching. *

Marvel Scale - DEFENSE raises when suffering from a status condition. *

Minus - SPECIAL ATTACK raises when a Pokémon with Plus Ability is on the field. *

Mold Breaker - Enemy Pokemons' Abilities for preventing/reducing damage and effects from this Pokemon's attacks are ignored. Intimidate may still work.

Moody - When This Pokemon enters battle, one of its stats will increase by two levels while the other decreases by one.

Motor Drive - This Pokemon absorbs electricity to increase its own SPEED while preventing damage and effects from Electric moves. *

Moxie - This Pokemon gets pumped every time it knocks out a foe, increasing its ATTACK stat by one level foe each fainted opponent.

Mummy - This Pokemon wraps foes who Physically attack it in bandages that change the attacker’s Ability to Mummy.

Natural Cure - Status conditions are healed when this Pokémon is switched from battle. *

No Guard - This Pokemon will always battle as close to the opponent as possible to maximize accuracy and even be able to strike through Protect and Detect from time to time. (Certain Pokemon may not apply this Ability due to their nature) #

Normalize - This Pokemon's attack types become Normal Type. *

Oblivious - Prevents ATTRACT. *

Overcoat - This Pokemon won’t take damage from Weather.

Overgrow - Grass moves' power increases when this Pokémon is at 33% HP or lower.

Own Tempo - Prevents CONFUSE status. *

Pickup - This Pokemon has a knack for finding items on the ground. (Three times per visit, Park items only. Excludes Digital Cameras, PokePlayers, Disks, and Apricorn Boxes.)

Plus - SPECIAL ATTACK raises 1.5x when a Pokémon with Minus ability is on the field. *

Poison Heal - This Pokemon gains health instead of losing it when POISONED or inflicted with TOXIC. *

Poison Point - This Pokemon has certain spots on its body that may POISON the opponent on contact. #

Poison Touch - This Pokemon’s body is so toxic that anyone who touches it may become POISONED.

Prankster - This Pokemon is very skilled in using non-attacking moves such as Leech Seed, giving it priority when using these moves.

Pressure - The enemy Pokemon must put out a bit more effort when striking this Pokemon, using two PP per move instead of one. #

Pure Power - This Pokemon naturally has more strength than what it appears to have. *

Quick Feet - Double this Pokemon's SPEED while under a Status condition. It will not slow down when PARALYZED unless the condition makes it stop completely. *

Rain Dish - The Pokemon will gather rain water to heal itself. *

Rattled - This Pokemon’s SPEED will increase if its hit with a Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type attack.

Reckless - Pokemon will try to hit hard regardless of the consequences. #

Regenerator - When this Pokemon is withdrawn from battle, it relaxes and regains up to 30% its maximum HP.

Rivalry - The Pokemon will try its best to get rid of other Pokemon of the same gender, but it will be shy when facing Pokemon of the opposite gender. #

Rock Head - Prevents recoil damage.

Rough Skin - This Pokemon can make its skin rough during battle to hurt anyone who makes contact. It can make its own skin smooth as it pleases.

Run Away - This Pokemon's SPEED increases when fleeing from battle. #

Sandstream - This Pokemon is able to perform Sandstorm attack perfectly regardless of health. #

Sand Force - This Pokemon’s Steel, Rock, and Ground moves are increased in power during a Sandstorm.

Sand Rush - This Pokemon’s SPEED doubles in a Sandstorm.

Sand Veil - This Pokemon is hard to see during a Sandstorm. *

Sap Sipper - This Pokemon’s ATTACK increases by one level and it takes no damage when hit with a Grass-type move.

Scrappy - Enemy Ghost Pokemon can be hit by Normal and Fighting Type attacks. *

Serene Grace - Doubles the chance for additional effects of this Pokemon's attacks. *

Shadow Tag - Enemy Pokémon cannot escape or switch. *

Shed Skin - This Pokemon may shed its skin a bit to remove Status conditions. *

Shell Armor - This Pokemon's armor decreases damage and has no weak spots, preventing critical hits. #

Sheer Force - When this Pokemon uses moves with secondary effects, it focuses on the strength of the move to make it stronger at the cost of the move’s secondary effect.

Shield Dust - This Pokemon creates dust when being attack that slightly reduces the power of incoming attacks and negates added effects. #

Simple - Doubles all stat boosts, both increases and decreases and those made by either this Pokemon or the foe. *

Skill Link - This Pokemon is very skilled in attacks that strike multiple times in one turn, and these moves will always strike the maximum number of times (unless the foe faints before the maximum number). #

Slow Start - SPEED and ATTACK are halved the first 5 turns. *

Sniper - Always tries to inspect the target for weak spots and attempts to hit them harder than usual. #

Snow Cloak - This Pokemon is hard to see during Hail or Snow. *

Snow Warning - This Pokemon is able to use Hail attack perfectly regardless of health. #

Solar Power - This Pokemon grows slightly during strong sunlight. The growth increases this Pokemon's SPECIAL ATTACK but it also hurts it.

Solid Rock - This Pokemon's body is very hard, decreasing the damage of super-effective moves by 25% and also slightly lowering the damage of all other moves. *

Soundproof - Immune to Sound attacks.

Speed Boost - This Pokemon becomes faster as it keeps moving. #

Stall - This Pokemon is patient and it always waits for the target to move first. (Certain Pokemon can not have this ability due to their nature) #

Static - The Pokemon may discharge electricity when touched. This electricity will PARALYZE the opponent.

Steadfast - If this Pokemon FLINCHES, it'll try its best to make up for the time it lost by increasing its ATTACK stat. #

Stench - This Pokemon's odor will bother all Pokemon who can smell it or who aren't used to that smell. Useful during battle, but it will also repel wild Pokemon.

Sticky Hold - This Pokemon's grip is extremely hard to break, no matter what it is holding. #

Storm Drain - This Pokemon will draw all Water type attacks to itself, and in the process it gains a SPECIAL ATTACK boost while taking no damage from the attack. Secondary effects of water moves are also ignored.

Sturdy - Prevents One-Hit KO attacks *

Suction Cups - This Pokemon has suction cups which it may use to hang on to anything including the ground. #

Super Luck - This Pokemon is just lucky, allowing it to score critical hits more easily. #

Swarm - The power of this Pokemon's Bug moves increases when this Pokémon is at 33% HP or lower. *

Swift Swim - SPEED doubles during the Rain.

Synchronize - When this Pokémon becomes POISON, PARALYZE, or BURNED, so does the Enemy Pokémon. *

Tangled Feet - This Pokemon moves unpredictably when CONFUSED, making itself harder to hit. #

Technician - This Pokemon is an expert when it comes to using moves with low power. #

Telepathy - This Pokemon reads the minds of its allies in Double and Triple battles, allowing it to avoid taking damage from their attacks.

Teravolt - This Pokemon radiates an intense aura that lets it use its moves against a foe regardless of the foe’s Ability.

Thick Fat - Damage from Fire/Ice moves is reduced by half. *

Tinted Lens - Not-Very-Effective attacks do double damage. *

Torrent - Water moves' power increases when this Pokémon is at 33% HP or lower. *

Toxic Boost - This Pokemon’s ATTACK is boosted by 50% when its POISONED.

Trace - Copies the ability of Enemy Pokémon. *

Truant - This Pokemon's Nature becomes Lax as long as it has this Ability.

Turboblaze - This Pokemon radiates an intense aura that lets it use its moves against a foe regardless of the foe’s Ability.

Unaware - Ignores Enemy Pokemon's Stat boosts. (except for SPEED) *

Unburden - When this Pokemon's Trainer uses an Item on it to replenish HP or heal status conditions, this Pokemon's SPEED increases from having the burden of its condition removed. #

Unnerve - This Pokemon makes its foes so uneasy that they are unable to use their Berries.

Vital Spirit - Prevents SLEEP status.

Victory Star - This Pokemon boosts the ACCURACY of its moves and those of its allies by 10%.

Volt Absorb - When hit by an Electric attack, this Pokémon will absorb it and regain up to 33% its maximum HP instead of receiving damage or effects.

Water Absorb - When hit by a Water attack, this Pokémon will regain up to 33% its maximum HP instead of becoming hurt. *

Water Veil - Prevents BURN status. *

White Smoke - Prevents Enemy Pokémon from lowering this Pokémon's Stats. *

Wonder Guard - This Pokemon takes only a very small amount of damage from any move that is not super-effective, but super-effective moves will knock it out in one hit. #

Zen Mode - When this Pokemon’s HP falls to 50% or lower, it will change form and its ATTACK and SPEED stats will lower, while its SPECIAL ATTACK stat rises. It also gains the Psychic type.

[Know something we don't? Awesome! PM it to me or any official within the Park Staff so we can add it. ^^ ]

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