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Default Re: The Metal Legion v2.0

Originally Posted by Raine View Post
Hey that looks like Red. o_O

Okay, I'm about to share a band with you guys unlike anything this thread has ever seen, which is mostly because I figured I would be the only one who likes them.

Versailles, a visual kei band, just released a new PV about a week ago.

Ascendead Master

It isn't their best song, but it's a solid, enjoyable release. :>

Edit: Oh, Red, have you shared Cantata Sangui with them yet?
Hmm... not really my thing, but you'll be pleased to know that I listened to Alchemist's "Organasm" (you recommended them in TML 1). It's a pretty awesome album with a weird, psychedelic sort of atmosphere. I like it and wouldn't mind hearing it again.

also, woot people are finally ******* posting again

EDIT: Well, it looks like today is the day I submit my first review to The Metal Legion! I'll be doing Metallica's infamous "St. Anger" record. Here goes...


Final rating: 0%

Recommended? No, unless you work at Guantanamo Bay, then this may be of use. Unfortunately Barrack Hussein Obama is shutting it down.

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