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Default Re: True Gamer Society [TGS] - Sign-Up for new members, old CGA members need only pos

Originally Posted by Omega Mitch View Post
Thank you for the kind words, I was hoping you wouldn't be mad, but I was unsure when you would be online again so I talked it out with the other directors and went with it.

You definitely did start something epic, and all hats are tipped to you for that my man. CGA will be linked to the top post of TGS as to never be forgotten.
Anytime, man. And yes, thanks again. Now, onward with TGS!

Originally Posted by Charbok View Post
Aw, you've gotta get it! It's awesome!
I've been doing quite well, actually. Lots of stuff to do, but lots of great stuff to counterbalance any stress that it may cause! What about yourself?
I'll do my best to purchase it. As for myself, I've been good. Pretty exhausted from doing city events and such. Extremely tiring and time consuming, but pays off in the end.
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