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Default >Eternity of Time< (PG-13) INDEFINITE HIATUS

Okay, so this is the co-written FanFic that Grassy and I have been working on. You don't have to read The Experiment or Sonic X: Dark Storm to get what's going on, because it'll all be explained later in the story. There will be several Fakemon from DeviantArt used throughout the fic, and when one makes an appearance in a chapter, the link to the artist's gallery will be posted under the next section.

Since I finally have a constant internet connection (starting around early October '09) the updates will be returned to normal - meaning that this will be updated every other Friday.

Anyway, this is a Sonic-Pokemon Crossover Fic, and given how much spare time the both of us have, it should be very interesting - which may also cause our characters to hate us for life XD

Note to Readers: This fic now has a PG-13 rating due to violence and use of language; while it's not so bad in the earlier parts of the fic, the rating really comes into effect starting with the third arc of the storyline or so. Not too many F-bombs will be dropped, but I feel it's still fit to put a warning here.


Author Notes and Bonus Material

List of Legendaries and Rankings


Aura, PSI and Chaos Energies

EoT 'Short' Stories


Fan-Fiction Name: Eternity of Time
Sites Posted On:

Reported Sites:
None so far - please keep it that way!

Table of Contents

Note: the chapters will be seperated into arcs to save space for the character limit. Arcs that are currently having their chapters posted will have the '> <' on both sides of the link name.
Arcs that are complete will have the '~ ~' on both sides of the link name.
If you're confused about anything in the fic, use The Sonic Wiki or Bulbapedia for reference. If that doesn't cut it, PM us directly for anything related to the story.

~ Prologue ~

~ Sinnoh Arc ~

~ Sevii Islands Arc ~

~ Tohjo and Shamouti Isles Arc ~

> Hoenn Arc <

The Final Arc


Artwork and Maps


Present Time Map
Note that this may contain spoilers if you aren't up to date with the storyline.

New image courtesy of Grassy's friend.

I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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