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Originally Posted by Winter_Cherry View Post
Lol. Is drawing on the tablet anything like doing stuff by hand? Is so, I can understand, how you feel.
Yeah, it's pretty much exactly like drawing by hand except the colors are all in the same utensil. :o

Originally Posted by Lunar Latias View Post
No more noodle necks. =P Did you have a reference? They have some good dragon pics on DA.

And I think she means like a black line around the artwork, like I do in my gallery and such. ^^'

I know. How addicting are they? XD *has scratched hers to pieces in one day*

Well no, I don't really like using references apart from the actual Pokemon so I can get the markings right. But if I ever feel like fixing that Charizard I'll probably go looking at a bunch of neck angles. XD

Originally Posted by Necromancy View Post
I used your tutorial on putting all the colour and then smudging, and got this:

It's, like, my first tablet art. It was hard to do since my tablet kept going all funny, but thanks for the tut. And as I've said before, love your stuff Emma. :3

Sweeeeeeeet. That's wicked. Did you stop at the smudging part or did you go to the color shade part with it? :O Looks like it needs a finishing touch with the small pixel brush to bring out some definition, but otherwise, that's pretty tight. I like the brightness in the front. And thanks, Jackson. :D

I did finish that Gardevoir, but it turned out hideous, so I'm just going to re-do it. x_x

And here's that Raichu/Pikachu for you Gem. I'll be honest that this was a very quick and lazy attempt, and I started doing some background shading but quit because I lost motivation. So I apologize for that, I think I just drew myself out for a while. @_@

But anyway, figured it would be better to just post it than nothing at all.

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