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Default Re: Hip-Hop 101: Who you should be listening to.

Originally Posted by Smuds View Post
Why is Lil' Wayne a popular person to hate? I mean sure, some of his songs do suck, and I mean are really, really bad. Even a person who is a fan of a few of his songs (Got Money is one of my favorite songs, can't explain why, it just is) says that. For example, Every Girl or something like that is just an awful, awful song (I know it because my sister has a ton of Lil' Wayne on ITunes). There are plenty of other people who suck worse than him I'm sure. Drakes songs are bad/going to be bad I think but the people who hate him are never going to hate him as much as people who hate Lil' Wayne hate him. As for the list, it's good. Excellent actually.
You'll understand once you yourself have to deal with the severe thick-headedness of huge Wayne fanatics that constantly claim him to be the best rapper alive.

Also, excellent freestylers to check out on Youtube: Illmaculate and Thesaurus. Crazy guys.
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