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Default Individual RP: Front Gate

This is where Trainers post in order to be taken into the National Park. Just post the following form, and as soon as one is free a Ranger will be along to escort you through the Park. You may NOT ask for a certain Ranger; the one who accepts you first will be the one to take you through. Rangers, when you accept a Trainer, please quote their post and mention that you are taking them through. If your form is overlooked or ignored for one week, you may post it again. Otherwise, you may only post a form once a week.

Everyone IN THE MAIN RP ONLY must put their Location (read; the area they're in) at the beginning of each post. This is so everyone in the Main RP knows exactly where everyone else is (or isn't lol).

Keep in mind Rangers CANNOT begin the RP with their Trainers until the person who witnessed/approved the encounter rolls posts in the Encounter Tracker thread approving those rolls.

Also, you have to have a character accepted before coming here:


After you're approved you're welcome to come and start catching Pokemon ^^.



Name: (The one that you gave your character)
Entrance Fee: $2,500
Location: (What area you want to visit; once you go to an area you can't go to a different one that visit)
*Enigma Ruins: If you're visiting the Enigma Ruins, it is $3,500 to enter. You cannot use Repellents/Voice Discs, you get 20 Encounters, and can take out up to 4 Pokemon
Extra Pokemon Permit: (If you are bringing more than 2 Pokemon, add $500 for each one)
Disk Re-recording: (If you want to rewrite voice disks, they are $1,500 each)
Total Money: (Money before entering the park)
Total Cost: (Cost of Entrance Fee + Extra Pokemon Permit)
Change: Total Money - Total Cost = Change.
Total Items: (List all items you will be bringing in)

Pokemon Stats (List your Pokemon Stats)

Ability: (If your Pokemon has 2, pick one to use for the duration of your visit)
Nature: (These are located in the Park Encyclopedia)

First Time into the Park?: (Applies to first timers)
Other Info: (Anything else you want to mention here)


The post following this is an example of how to fill out your forms, in case anyone is still confused.

Note: The Main RP is one where pairs can meet and interact with one another, so long as the pairs involved are in the same area. People in the Main RP are affected by what others in the Main RP do. In Individual RPs, the pairs DO NOT meet with anyone else, even if they're in the same area, and pairs are not affected by what happens in either the Main RP or other Individual RPs.

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