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Default The Canalave Library: Historian's Corner

~Banner will be put here . . . eventually~

<--- The Canalave Library

Welcome to the back office of the Canalave library, where authors gather to find missing pieces of the old culture of the PokéWorld or comment on those that have been uncovered. Have some questions? Wanna give some feedback? Got ideas to help renovate the Library? We’d love to hear it. Keep these few rules in mind, then feel free mingle with the other the other authors and readers.

Da other Rules:

1-Please, constructive criticism only. There’s no need to be mean here. We’re all human beings, and respect is a must. Point out things you liked about a story, or errors/typos they made.

2- No stealing other peoples ideas. If someone claims a story concept here, don’t hurry and race to the library and post that idea before he/she gets her story done. If an idea is taken, then that’s too bad. I’m sure you can find another idea. Also, to avoid stealing or mistakes please post and claim your idea. I’ll put up a list here of ideas that have already been claimed.

3- Follow all forum rules, please and thank you.

Ideas Claimed:

Charmander’s Flame --- by Charmander009

Dodou's Heads --- by Charmander009

Bulba's Bulb --- by Dragoness

Squirtle's Squirt --- by Lunar Latias

Heatran’s Story --- by Gravity

Meowth vs Murkrow (Why do they hate each other so much?)--- by Giratina

Shinx Tale --- Smuds

Creation of Dreams and Nightmares --- by Lunar Latias

Zangoose vs Seviper --- by A Requiem of Verities

The Original Four (The Story of Arceus, Giratina, Mew, and the Unown) --- by A Requiem of Verities

The Guardians --- by Sequentio

Politoed's Story --- by The Politoed Hunter

The Magic of Magikarp --- by Mawile Rocks

Cubone's Skull ---by Mawile Rocks

Shiny Shinies --- by riolu42

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