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Default Re: Lunar Destinies (PG for violance) [Chapter Eleven Added]

Chapter Eleven: The Mystery of Mew

Aislyn went through all of the reasons why she shouldn’t reach into the Shrine in her head. It could be trap! What if there’s a snake or spider in it? Or something else poisonous, like weird plant or lizard? Or something that would jump out and suck her soul away? They all sounded absurd, of course, but after all that she’s been through so far it wouldn’t surprise her. All she knew was that she didn’t want to do it. For all these reasons, however, she still found herself walking up to the shrine. She couldn’t explain it, but she felt drawn to the stone. There was a tiny part of her that yearned to look within, the adventurous and rash part of herself. How could she resist something she didn‘t understand?

The Mew moved out of her way, silently and patiently. She paused a moment to consider the creature. The Mew had rescued her from the spiders, hadn’t it? There would be no reason for it to place her in danger again; that just wouldn’t make sense. From what she had seen, she knew that it had a kind spirit that she could place her trust in. She done so this far, so why stop now?

Taking in a deep breath of air, Aislyn finally looked into the shrine into the hole the statue had left behind. There, nestled in a bed of moss, was a shoe-sized box carved from white wood with gilded corners. Surprisingly it appeared brand new, untouched by the years that had worn away at the temple around it. No mildew, rust, or damage of any kind had destroyed its original beauty. She blinked, half-disappointed. All of this trouble was for a simple box? Reaching down, Aislyn ran her hand across the silky-smooth surface of the wood, wondering if there was more to this ‘simple’ box than met her eye. Biting her lip, she reach her other hand down and lifted the box from the hole.

Incredibly, it was as light as a feather. Aislyn lifted the box up into the sun to study it. On each side was carving of a trio of creatures. Three birds were etched into the back under the hinges. The sides depicted a trio of cats as well as three humanoid creatures. The oddest creatures were on the front, with a body much like Mew’s but having two tails each. Four sets of three. Birds, cats, golums, and . . .

“The Trio Minerals,” Aislyn mouthed, her eyes growing wide. There was no mistaking it; this box had something to do with her quest. Excitedly, she popped open the lock at the front and the lid swung open. Two compartments on the side popped out like they would in a tackle box, but this particular box would hold items a thousand times more precious than even jewels. Within its velvet-lined interior there were vacant molds shaped like a bird, a paw, a mountain, and a triton.

“You knew,” Aislyn turned to her guide with surprise written on her face. “How did you know?”

The Mew closed its eyes, and then suddenly Aislyn’s vision blurred and faded away. She felt as if she was being pulled away from her body into darkness. Yet a light grew, then she could see again. Everything was distant and blurry, as if she was seeing through a dream. No longer was she standing on the Temple‘s crown. Now she was somewhere above the jungle’s canopy, looking down into the under-story. As the scene focused, Aislyn saw herself sitting a giant spider web glowing with a white fire. Unbidden, a memory returned to her. She recalled what Troy had said to her while he was still staying with them at the farm.

“Most individuals have green or blue auras. Some have red or purple. But you . . . Your aura is pure white, and shines like the moon.”

Through this vision, Aislyn was seeing her own aura.

Just as she came to realize this, the trees were retreating from her feet and the scene changed. The next thing she saw was the Mew, standing atop of the temple by the shrine as day faded into night then into day again. It was waiting for something, but what? The dream changed again, making this scene fade to black. Now she saw herself picking the box out of the shrine. Understanding flowed into Aislyn as she watched. This Mew was showing her this vision, and it was saying that it had been waiting for her all long.

“Why me?” the words drifted out from her like leaves on a breeze, seeming to come from nowhere and everywhere at once. In an answer, the vision turned again. This time she could see the full moon, but something was wrong with it. The light coming from it was blood red, casting long and hostile shadows through the trees. The sight was frightening, but suddenly a bright white light shone from behind her. When she turned around, she could see a lone figure standing across a burning plain, raising its hands which now contained four glass-like gems. The light she was seeing was coming from the jewels, the Trio Minerals. In a flash Cresselia suddenly appeared from behind it, but before she could see more the vision faded.

Aislyn found herself back in her own body, standing near the shrine, gasping for air and hugging the box close to her. She fell to her knees, overwhelmed by all that she had seen. The Mew floated down to her in concern, fixing its curious blue eyes on the young girl, but Aislyn didn‘t return the gaze. All she did was cast her eyes to the ground as she tried to understand that last part of the vision. Why was the moon red? Who held the box? What was going to happen that she didn’t see? Now she began to realize that she was in way over her head. How was she suppose to accomplish all of this? There were so many things she was now involved in that she couldn’t even begin to comprehend. All this magic, danger, and mystery was too much for a simple farm girl to handle. Maybe Cresselia picked the wrong person, she sighed.

Being so caught up in her thoughts, Aislyn failed to notice that the Mew had left her side and flown away. Nor did she notice when it returned with three objects in its paws. Only when the Mew dropped those objects in front of her did she finally look up. Small and round, it took her a moment to figure out what they were: Berries. One was blue and tan with a hard shell, while the other two were yellow with orange spots. Aislyn did not know much about berries, but she knew enough that they helped Pokémon in mysterious ways.

“Are these for Thyme?” she looked up at the Mew hopefully, remembering her unconscious friend. The Pokémon nodded, and Aislyn excitedly scooped the fruit into her arms. She could worry about those things later. Right now, Thyme needed her. She jumped up to where she had placed Thyme on the shrine and held up the two different types of berries, realizing her first problem. Which one should she use first? And how did she use them? Suddenly she wished that her mother could have been there. Mary knew all about berries, but she never taught Aislyn about them.

Lost, the young girl stood with the berries held up. The Mew seemed to sense her lack of confidence, and lifted its paws up in another giggling fit. Floating over with its eyes full of mirth, the myth placed its paw on the blue berry. Aislyn laughed at her own incompetence, knowing that she must have looked silly. If only she had learned from her mother. She took the blue and tan colored one, and tried to peel it apart. The shell was incredibly hard, and nothing she tried worked. Finally, she bashed it against the stone of the shrine and the blue part broke apart. Beaming triumphantly, she picked up a shard and held it over to Thyme. Part one was done, but now what was she suppose to do? Maybe she was just suppose to pop it into his mouth, but what if he choked on it? More guess work on her part, she sighed.

Using one hand, she lifted Thyme’s head up then using the other she pressed the shell bit into the Celebi’s mouth and waited. Almost instantaneous, the Pokémon slowly opened his eyes. Aislyn exhaled in relief as Thyme shifted to look around.

“Where . . . Where am I?” he asked weakly, shielding his eyes from the sunlight.

“I was hoping you could answer that,” Aislyn frowned, but kept a concerned look. “How are you feeling?”

“Ugh, like I just flew through a brick wall,” he answered as he rubbed his aching head. “What happened, anyway?”

“You got spooked and zapped us through time,” she said bluntly, adding gentle smile.

“What? I did that?” he looked aghast, his eyes growing even wider.

“Remember? It was night-time and we were looking for some firewood?”

Thyme stared blankly at her for a moment, then the memories came flooding back to him. “Oh gosh, Aislyn! I’m so sorry; I wasn’t thinking straight, and I kinda just went with instinct. Where did I take you?”

He sat up abruptly, only to freeze as a terrible migraine struck him. He moaned before sinking back down.

“What is the matter with you?” Aislyn inquired, worried.

“Well,” Thyme took a deep breath. “I can’t just take off through time all the time. It takes a lot of energy, you know. Usually I can travel several times during one figurative day, but its took a lot of effort to get you and the Knights to Colossus and back. That’s one reason I was staying with you. I needed to recuperate, but I guess that I almost went overboard just now.”
“So you traveled through time too much?”

“Yeah, basically,” Thyme grinned sheepishly.

“So that means,” she trailed off as she looked around the jungle below. “We’re stuck here, aren’t we?”

“Um,” Thyme looked away, blushing in embarrassment. “Yeah, for a little while.”

“But the Knights! They’re going to be so worried about us. They’re probably looking for us right now.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Thyme stretched, not looking at all concerned.

“What? Why not? Troy is going to freak!”

“Listen,” Thyme rolled his eyes. “I know they’re not looking for us right now. It all depends on when now is. They might not even be alive. Plus, they won‘t have the time to even think we‘re missing.”

“What are you saying?” she threw her hands up in defeat.

“I’m saying that we can spend as much time as we want here and still make it back before Troy even has a fire started. It goes with the whole time-traveler gimmick.”

Aislyn just shook her head and leaned against the frame of the shrine. She finally recalled all the stuff Troy had told her, but it still didn’t make sense. “I don’t get this whole time-travel concept.”

“It takes some getting use to,” Thyme answered with hooded eyes. He still looked frail and weak at the moment, making Aislyn believe what he had said about his energy use. She looked down, finally remembering the other berries. Could he still use them?

“Thyme, do you know what these are?” she held them up for him to see.

He smiled with delight, and sat back up. “Those are Sitrus berries! Can I have them?”

“Will they help?”

“Heck yeah! Pass them over!” he held his hands out greedily. Aislyn offered them to him, only to be amazed at how speedily they were snatched from her hand. Thyme bit into them with a resounding crunch. Sweet-smelling juice squirted out as one of the berries was quickly devoured. Licking his fingers, Thyme looked and felt much better. New energy was bubbling up within him, and at last he could stand up.

“Thanks, Aiz,” he wiped some juice from his face. “That hit the spot!”

“Glad to hear,” she smiled back, pleased to see his condition improve. “What did they do exactly?”

“Fill my stomach and give me energy!” he jumped into air cheerfully. “Where did you find those, anyway?”

“I had some help,” she looked over her shoulder as her aide and guide floated closer.

“Mew?” Celebi stopped abruptly, looking astounded. He sped past the pair and for the first time got a good look at his surroundings. As he took in the ancient temple, the lush jungle, and the bright sky, his eyes grew as large as saucers. Turning back to Mew, he suddenly began conversing with it in the Pokémon language.

“Celebi? Cele, Celebi? Bi?”

“Mee-eeew, mew, mew.”

Aislyn stood by, feeling awkwardly left out. Nothing they said made sense to her, of course. She began to wish that she had more human companions. Talking Pokémon were great, of course, but only if they kept speaking her own language. What were these two talking about, anyway? It bugged her, but she watched and waited patiently. It was odd; not only did they speak with their cries, but they seemed to communicate with body movements as well. The Mew occasionally moved its tail about, while Thyme spun circles or waved his arms. What could that all mean?

Finally, they fell silent as Thyme looked back towards the shrine solemnly.

“Thyme?” Aislyn dared to ask, moving away from the stone.

“Birth Island,” he answered cryptically, more to himself than to her. Thyme’s eyes were drawn to the box Aislyn held in her hands “We’re on Birth Island. It’s been so long . . .”

“Birth Island? Where is that?”

“Here, obviously,” the Celebi sighed, crossing his arms as he seem to break out of his spell.

“And that is . . .,” she tried to get a better answer.

“Humans aren‘t suppose to know about it,” Thyme shook his head. “Most other Pokémon, too.”

“Why? The paintings on the walls had humans in it. They were here at one time, weren‘t they?”

“What walls? Oh, inside? Um, humans did know about it once, but that was a long time ago. They’ve all forgotten, humans and Pokémon alike. Now this place is a closely guarded secret. You’re lucky to be alive, to tell you the truth. Must have to do with being Cresselia’s favorite. . .”

“What so important about it?”

“Can I tell her?” Thyme looked over at the Mew, but it slowly shook its head. He nodded in agreement, saying, “Right. Sometimes secrets are best kept that way. Sorry, Aiz.”

Aislyn bit her lip and looked away, dying to know what the secret was. Why didn’t they trust her? She certainly wasn’t a tattle-tell; she had kept all sorts of secrets back at home, especially with all of Freddie‘s misdeeds. Was it because she was human? Did that automatically make her untrustworthy? She felt anger rising up within her, but she kept it in check. Now wasn’t the time to fume. They needed to get back to Lunnori.

“Can you take us back now?”

“Just give me a few moments. I’ll eat that other berry and then I should have enough energy to get through safely. I‘d eat it now, but I got a small stomach,” he smiled guiltily.

Aislyn sighed, sinking down the wall into a sitting position. For a moment, she considered the box. It had something to do with the Trio Minerals, of course, but what exactly was she suppose to do with it?

“Thyme, what is this box anyway?”

The Celebi drifted down to her side and sat by her. Crossing his arms behind his back, he said, “You sure are full of questions. What you got in your hands, Daughter of the Moon, is called Binding Light. It is no jewelry box, but it was a gift given from Arceus to the Council of Legends. All of the Trio Minerals are suppose to fit inside, keeping them safe and amplifying their power. You’re going to find it rather handy on this little quest of yours.”

“How come Colossus didn’t mention it?” The box suddenly felt a lot heavier in her hands.

“He probably forgot. You got to remember that he’s been asleep for thousands of years. I wouldn’t have expected him to recall every little detail. To be honest, this is the first time the box is going to be used. Other Legends have probably forgot about it, too. You probably would have been fine without it, but you’re going to need all the help you can get.”

“Thanks for that piece of information,” she rolled her eyes sarcastically.

The Mew chuckled again, lifting its paws up to his mouth. Floating over, it ruffled her hair playfully.

“Why can’t Mew talk like you?”

“Her ways are much more ancient than mine. She’s been around since the very beginning.”

Aislyn blinked, finding new respect for her little hero. How could she have guessed that this creature was probably as old as time itself? She watched with wonder as the creature floated gracefully through the air, chasing a tiny butterfly that fluttered by.

“Mew’s the guardian of Binding Light, Aislyn,” Thyme suddenly grew grim. “And she’s entrusting you with it. She’s going to want it back all in one piece when this is all said and done. Take good care of it.”

“I will,” Aislyn nodded somberly, tightening her grip on the delicate-looking craft. But I’m way in over my head, she added to herself.


Thus ends Chapter Eleven! You're almost caught up with what I already have written, so now I'll post whenever I get a chapter ready. I still like to have a cushion between what I have and what I've posted
: ) Now I have a quick question . . . am I making chapters too short now?

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