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Default Re: Individual RP: Dr Scott

Trainer: Sam
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

OOC:: Sorry, work and school keeping me busy ^^:.

The doors opened like Sam expected them to be, slowly and loudly, which was something that he would expect out of a scary movie. ‘You would have thought they would at least try to get rid of the squeak,’ the boy thought as he adjusted his glasses, ‘I understand the need to keep the place as is so that the Pokemon who have made the place their own won’t be bothered, but there’s a line…’ Glancing downwards to the dark Pokemon that served as his loyal companion gave him courage, and with a hard swallow he moved in behind his Ranger, following the trailing blonde hair.

The Ranger had also let out a Pokemon, a white and black creature that looked too cute to be too old, as most Absols looked particularly dangerous. The female moved forwards, apparently serving as a lookout, hopefully able to see better in the low light than he himself was. Thankfully, his Houndoom had realized what his human trainer’s problem would be, and periodically blew a wave of fire out of his mouth to illuminate the immediate area. For him it was as easy as breathing, pushing the fire from his throat, though it seemed to just a normal human as a significant power.

“Well, let’s get moving,” the girl stated as Sam shook his head and looked away from Hell Hound; he had always been fascinated by his own Pokemon and their personalities, a trait he picked up from his days as assistant to a ‘Pokemon Whisperer.’ She had pulled out a flashlight, and was leading him through a hallway, everything dark and covered with dust. After a while the four of them reached an area that led out many different ways, each looking as dark and daunting as the last. “Well, I know my way around,” the girl continued, “so it doesn’t really matter which way we go. But you’re the one on the adventure, so you get to choose the path.”

Before he could choose they were surprised by a growl coming from the Absol, apparently warning of some danger because the Ranger whipped her flashlight around at light speed. There standing under the beam of light was a small yellow Pokemon with blue cheeks, looking for all the world to be cute and innocent. Though the creature looked annoyed at being surprised, the girl quickly, and predictably, reacted to the cute sight. “I’m sorry little guy,” she said softly, “you caught us by surprise.”

Still, the electric Pokemon would hear none of it, apparently more than angry at being disturbed. The telltale sign of electric energy broke the darkness like the flashlight would have, alerting Sam not only to the other’s presence but also to the power that the tiny body possessed. What had to be a warning shock traveled towards the Absol, though the female Pokemon easily dodged it. It was ready to shock again at the slightest provocation, and Sam figured he had better make up his mind on whether he wanted to pass this one by or go for it quickly. His mind worked quickly, thinking about the Pokemon he was really hoping on finding, which included Elekid, Voltorb, Magnemite, Koffing, Grimer and possibly Porygon.

Still, there was a chance that the dark haired boy would not see any of those, and the figure in front of him was just too cute and innocent to pass up. He had always thought Pikachu to be overrated, but he always thought the idea of the twins Plusle and Minun as interesting mascots. With his idea decided he touched the charm bracelet on his hand for good luck; it had been a gift from his little sister, a charm bracelet with a charm from each of his jobs. She had made the charms herself, it was a hobby and talent of hers, and though there was so many he now kept most in a pouch in his backpack he kept his favorites on the original bracelet, which he now considered to be good luck.

“Alright,” he said firmly, “battle call! Let’s give any Pokemon thinking of intruding something to be afraid of. Follow that up with your demon power!”

Hell Hound yipped an affirmative before turning to look at the blue and yellow creature, staring for a second to make sure it wasn’t running before turning his head up to the ceiling. He let loose a Howl, the sound reverberating down the halls and issuing all throughout the building. Immediately afterwards several other sounds filled the area, other Pokemon who had been curious running away from the scene as fast as they could. The horned dog didn’t hear them, fully concentrating on the little creature. His eyes suddenly turned black, and an invisible aura flew to the wild Pokemon, trapping it. With a small jerk of his head the fire Pokemon slowly brought his opponent in close, lashing out with his back paws and devil-like tail when it was close. The Faint Attack usually served well as a first strike; the attack didn’t fail often and served to do enough damage to tilt the favor in their side for the rest of the battle.

Still, Sam couldn’t help but wince and feel sorry, hoping his friend didn’t do too much damage to the Pokemon that would be his new companion.

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