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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

OCC: Kay that’s pretty cool

“That is pretty cool, I remember seeing one of those against that guy Ataro, and it was pretty strong” Adam said clutching one of his Pokeballs.

“Ranger Anderson, I’ll be fighting this one so I’m sure you should get out of the way.

Adam grabbed one of his Pokeball’s and threw sharply at a small lump in the ground. As it hit the soft ground, a large white beam leapt out of the ball, as the Pokeball returned to Adam’s hand almost magically. Slowly the beam started to form into a large, fiery monkey. Infernape looked at Lickitung as the huge pink Pokemon waved its long tongue as if it was an arm.

“Ready to fight Infernape?” Adam asked.

Infernape leapt up and down repeatedly, the flipped in excitement. The monkey turned around an smiled, itching for some action.

“Alright Infernape start off with a Rock Tomb, don't let it escape."

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