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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

Ranger Rusty Anderson - The Woods

Infernape's screams caught Lickitung off guard. The ape was successfully able to use Flamethrower, which dealt significant damage to Lickitung, thanks to the boost it was given by Infernape's Blaze ability. Lickitung fell to the ground, but was still not knocked out. Adam threw the Hyper Ball, which engulfed Lickitung and began shaking violently, just as it had done before. This time though, the ball pinged, signalling a successful capture. Adam cheered as he picked up the ball, containing his new Lickitung.

"Nice work," Ranger Anderson congratulated him, "that's your first National Park capture, and there's still plenty of time left in the day."

"Thanks for the help," Adam replied, "if you had eaten breakfast, I wouldn't have been able to catch this guy."

"You're welcome," the ranger laughed, "but I should point this out, Lickitung is a girl."

"How can you tell?" the boy asked.

"You don't wanna know," the ranger sighed, "anyways, I recognize this spot from one of my trips through the woods. There should be a whole nest of Bug-types to the East, some more Pokemon deeper North, or we can see if anything's shown up back South."
Name: Adam
Money: $1,500
Location: Woods
Items: x4 Park Balls ; x2 Super Balls ; x4 Hyper Balls ; x2 Poke-dolls

Area Effects: 14 Encounters Remaining

Ghost Hunter(Gengar/Sassy/M/Levitate): 100% [Thunderbolt] , [Energyball], [Substitute] , [Psychic] , [Sludge Bomb], [Psych Up], [Toxic], [Swagger] , [Explosion], [Snatch], [Hidden Power: Fire], [Focus Blast] , [Will-O-Wisp], [Taunt] , [Counter] , [Protect] , [Giga Drain] , [Double Team] , [Attract] , [Skill Swap], [Trick]

Chimpy(Infernape/Jolly/M/Blaze): 31%, Blaze in effect [Brick Break], [Earthquake], [Grass Knot] , [Sword Dance],[Shadow Claw], [Substitute] , [Stone Edge] , [Solar Beam], [Hidden Power : Ice], [U-Turn], [Attract], [Roar], [Swagger], [Rock Tomb], [Ariel Ace], [Will-O-Wisp], [Overheat], [Thunder Punch] , [Encore], [Fake Out]

Encounter #1: Lickitung(?/Naughty/Own Tempo) 3%(Captured)

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554

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