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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

OoC: AUfan, you're supposed to DESCRIBE the move you're using. Else, it's gonna be less effective- or not effective at all.

Ranger Hyacinth
Mt. Deckbi

The ash kept on falling as Alden engaged the golden geode in a battle, landing on the small trees and shrubs that still managed to survive such a dry ground- despite the layer of ash that made the soil very fertile, such a hard ground wasn't very suited for plants that needed deep roots to survive.

Alden called forth his Umbreon, a dark-furred jackal looking Pokemon, with long ears and various azure circles on various parts of her body. "Let's start out with a Confuse Ray!"

The Dark Pokemon quickly complied, shutting her eyes for one long moment before opening them back, a ghastly hue now residing in the irises, as a wave of otherwordly energy filled the gap between the two Pokemon. The boulder Pokemon couldn't as much as notice what was going on, that it had already happened.

The Geodude shook its head, trying to fight back the confusion, but it was quickly winning over: Confuse Ray is truly an amazing move to be used. Geodude was seemingly left there defenseless, as it bundled up and took an almost spherical stance on the ground.


Area Effect: Ash rain.

Encounter #1
Geodude (Unknown gender / ability / nature) 100%, Confused, Defense Curl

Trainer Stats:

Name: Alden Umstar
Location: Mt. Deckbi
Items: 6x ParkBall, 4x SuperBall, 2x Full Heal, 3x Max Potion


~Female Calm Umbreon 100% (Synchronize)
Extra moves: Tm Toxic

Male Adamant Flareon 100% (Flash Fire)
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