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Default Re: National Park Shop

Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
Park Balls x2 - $500
Super Balls x3 - $1500
Hyper Balls x5 - $3500
Max Potions x2 - $1000

$55,000 - $6,500 = $48,500

Do Max Potions heal status conditions as well? And are there any fixed capture rates for the balls, or does it depend upon the quality of our posts? I'm thinking it'll be the latter, but I'd like to confirm.
Max Potions don't heal conditions as well, that's what Full Restores are for.

Also, there is a fixed capture rate, in the Mechanics of URPG park thread, however the Ranger is free to give it a small boost or lower it based on the quality of your RP. You can't escape that, sorry.

Also, approved
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