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Default Re: Individual RP: Ataro

OOC: Alright, I'll try. :x

My excitement floated away like the boats in the river. I became increasingly worried, when I saw my Ambipom's left tail changing color. I squinted my eyebrows and remembered that I had packed along a Full Heal in my backpack, so I quickly rampaged through my bag. I literally dug out every item in my bag, and finally found the set of Full Heals that I had packed in a box. Quickly taking out one of them, I plucked out the safety pin before holding onto the lever.

"Ambipom, I know that the poison must be hurting a lot! But try to protect yourself with a Substitute first, then make use of the toxins by using your Facade. Just try your very best!" I shouted out my order, while trying to be as encouraging as possible.

The moment I called out the attack names, Ambipom clenched his fist and closed his eyes. He looks constipated at the very least, but a silhouette of the exact him was squeezed out from within the purple monkey's body. The substitute version had lighter skin colors and was standing beside Ambipom, while both still jumping left to right, hyper-actively. After that, both of them were surrounded in a glow of white and orange light. While still jumping wildly, both Ambipom and his substitute suddenly bounced off their tails and charged at the grimy opponent. Their fists turned color as well, while their tail changed back to its original white. It was as if they had transferred the poison to their hands, in order to unleash the full power of the Facade on Muk.

I raised my hand up that was holding onto the Full Heal, which I had rampaged out from my bag earlier. I prepared to pull the lever once Ambipom had finished his attack, since I knew that he must have taken a great deal of health loss due to the Substitute, the toxins in his body, and Muk's attacks.
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