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Default [Forum] Dragoness, DarkGardevoir, Ataro, AUfan {Beauty}

Normal Rank Beauty
Standard Rules

Dragoness- Arcanine
DarkGardevoir- Scyther
Ataro- Miltank
AUfan- Cyndaquil

Primary Round:
Cyndaquil and Arcanine scored high points, while Miltank scored none.
Cyndaquil, Arcanine, Scyther, Miltank.

Secondary Round:
No jams were used, it was all about making combos and getting crowd boosts. Miltank remained in the lead the entire game. Arcanine gained the only bonus from the crowd, putting it into second place. Scyther struggled at the bottom most of the match.
Miltank, Arcanine, Cyndaquil, Scyther.

Cyndaquil's high Primary Round score gave it the victory. Miltank's failure to earn points in Primary left it in last place.

AUfan wins and gets $2,000 + Beauty Ribbon
Dragoness is second and gets $1,500.
DarkGardevoir is third and gets $1,500.
Ataro is last and gets $1,000.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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