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Default Re: Front Gate

Name: Alonzo
Entrance Fee: $3,000
Location: Meteor Valley
*Style: Individual RP
Extra Pokemon Permit: Two, $1000
Total Money: $5,100
Total Cost: $4,000
Change: $5,100 - 4,000 = $1,100
Total Items: Full Heal x4, Hyperball x2, Max Potion x2, Superball x5

Pokemon: Kingdra
Gender: Male
TM/HM: Blizzard, Hidden Power [Poison], Ice Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Substitute, Surf, Waterfall
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Brave

Pokemon: Gyarados
Gender: Male
TM/HM: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Taunt, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Waterfall
Ability: Intimidate
Nickname: Leviathan
Nature: Bold

Pokemon: Spiritomb
Gender: Genderless
TM/HM: Calm Mind, Snatch, Substitute, Will-o-Wisp
Ability: Pressure
Nickname: Tombstone
Nature: Impish

Pokemon: Togekiss
Gender: Female
TM/HM: Grass Knot
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Calm
POL Stats

WAR XI Team: .

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