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Default Re: Individual RP: Dragoness

OOC: Sorry I took so long to reply ^^'. *Shot for being a bad Ranger.* X__x


IC: Dragana accepted the sunglasses with an exclamation of, "Sweet!" I smiled a little at her enthusiasm, then chuckled abashedly as she added, "Good idea, bringing these, Ranger...?"

"I'm sorry, I got distracted," I replied. "My name is Trainer Sara. Strange, I know. My parents are crazy, I tell you. They think the name makes the person, and they wanted me to be some epic Pokemon Trainer. Mind you, they're quite pleased with my current occupation. I'm glad they aren't trying to get me to officially change my name to Ranger Sara!"

When Dragana offered me a bottle of sunscreen a minute later, I took it with a thankful nod. The last thing I needed was a freaking sunburn, that was for sure. Imagine, the Head Ranger being unable to work because she was careless and didn't think to pack sunscreen, especially when heading to the Lakes! I smeared some on my shoulders, face, and legs, then handed the bottle back to Dragana. By this time, she was in full-on conversation mode. I smiled and listened, something most people only act like they're doing these days. When she asked whether I knew her sister or not, I grinned more and nodded.

"Ranger Amonea, yes, I know her. Nice, friendly, good with people. I make it a point to get to know the people who work for me. You know, Miss Amonea was one of the first people to be hired here. I've known her ever since the first day she started working. In fact, I personally trained the first few Rangers, including her." I nodded aimlessly as we walked over the toasty, crunchy sand of the beaches, glancing around as a few more Pokemon lazily slid into nearby pools. A few more remained lounging on the sands, watching us with curious expressions as we walked. When we approached the first pool, a Bidoof poked its head from the water and playfully shot a squirt of water from between its huge front teeth. It splashed the sand near my feet, and before I could react the beaver dove beneath the water. I snorted back a laugh and shook my head.

"It's been a while since any Trainers have come here. I guess some of the Pokemon are in a better mood than usual because of it. Or maybe that Bidoof just likes spitting at people. I seem to remember a Bidoof squirting Water Guns at people, the last time I came here with a group of tourists from Sinnoh. They didn't much appreciate the whole experience, but I found it amusing."

At that moment, we came to two more pools, one on each side of us. I had barely finished talking when an orange blur came bursting from the pool to the left. I came to a stop and let my Floatzel, Dagger, from his PokeBall. When a Pokemon here exits a pool as fast as the wild one just had, it usually meant something would go down. As Dagger materialized from his Ball, the orange blur landed several feet in front of us and was revealed as a Buizel. The little weasel gave us a hard look, glared at Dagger, and fluffed up its fur in an attempt to look more intimidating. Dagger snorted in disdain and barked at the insolent Buizel, folding his arms over his chest as he leaned back on his hind legs. The Buizel huffed angrily at being brushed off so casually and growled, its ire quickly rising. I sighed and gave Dagger a gentle thump on the back of his head.

"Now come on, don't make the little thing more angry than it is already," I chided. Dagger snorted again and shrugged, clearly saying he could care less how irritated Buizel got. He then flashed his unevolved brethren a cheeky, taunting smile. I grumbled and shook my head. That's a Brave Pokemon for you; they don't mind getting themselves into troublesome situations, because they're courage doesn't let them feel anxious or self-conscious or anything. Sometimes I wished Dagger had a more laid-back Nature. Quiet, maybe, or Modest.

I glanced over at Dragana, exasperation clear on my face as I thumped Dagger's head again. "Well, we don't normally have to deal with egotistical Floatzel making already irritated Buizel even angrier, but there you go. I don't suppose you'd like to have a go? I have a feeling it might be healthier than leaving this little fella in such a ticked off state, and maybe letting some poor sap fall victim to its rages." Dagger snorted once more; he evidently didn't think much of anything could fall victim to the smaller Buizel. In response, the little water-weasel hissed and lashed its tails through the air, then pointed at Dragana with a declaration of, "Bui!" It clearly wanted to challenge the young woman and prove its strength.


Trainer Stats:

Name: Dragana Amonea
Money: 11,550
Location: Great Lakes

Area Effects:
Encounter Remaining- 14

Pokemon Stats:
-Serious Female Jolteon: (No EMs) <Volt Absorb Ability>

-Bold Male Machamp (TM Thunder Punch ; TM Ice Punch) <Guts Ability>

-Jolly Male Dragonite (TM Focus Punch) <Inner Focus Ability>

-Mild Female Weepinbell (No EMs) <Chlorophyll Ability>

Total Items: Parkballs x3 : Superballs x4 : Hyperballs x3 : Two Max Heal : One Full Heal : Ranger’s Delight : One Type Repellent

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Buizel {Encounter 1}

Total Pokemon Captured: n/a
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