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Default Re: D/P/Pt Normal Beauty Contest [Mewcario] - [HKim] - [Bumblebee16] - [Medz]

1st Round:

Arcanine appeals with Heat Wave on SoulSilver! +2!
First to perform! +2!
[SoulSilver's +1; Voltage=1]

Magmortar appeals with Ember on HeartGold! +4!
[HeartGold's +1; Voltage=1]

Wailord appeals with Hydro Pump on Dexter! +2!
[Dexter's +1; Voltage=1]

Charizard appeals with Fire Spin on SoulSilver! +4!
[SoulSilver's +1; Voltage=2]

Dexter awards 3 hearts to Wailord!
HeartGold awards 3 hearts to Magmortar!
SoulSilver awards 2 hearts to Arcanine!
SoulSilver awards 2 hearts to Charizard!

2nd Round:
1st: Wailord 50 PTS
2nd: Arcanine 60 PTS
3rd: Charizard 60 PTS
4th: Magmortar 70 PTS
[Dexter=1/5; HeartGold=1/5; SoulSilver=2/5]

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