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Default Re: Individual RP : Spiderc

ooc: sorry about the wait, been busy with school

bic: Glad that he had correctly identified his ranger, Clay just nodded when Haru said they should be going. As they walked over to the teleporter to bring them to Mt. Oktori, Clay stayed silent, making sure he knew all of the rules of the park. Last thing he wanted to do was get kicked out, especially seeing how he'd already payed.

As they got closer to the mountain, Clay decided to just stay silent, seeing how his ranger was doing the same. However, while they were walking through one of the forests, Haru suddenly ordered his Milktank to Rollout on a tree. Surprised, Clay took a step backward, but he was even more surprised when a Machop fell out of the tree.

"Oi, you better do something about this...." was Haru's only comment regarding his actions and the appearance of the Fighting type. Nodding slightly, Clay grabbed one of the Pokeballs on his belt and pressed the center button twice. The ball immediately grew and then there was a flash of red light as Gallade came out. "Gally, use Aerial Ace on that Machop."

The Gallade just nodded and ran forward toward the other Fighting type. When it got fairly close to Machop, Gally jumped up in the air and then swung one of its arms down to hit the Machop.
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