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Default Re: Individual RP: Gold Rush

"Alright, let's keep going," Ranger Anderson said, "Damn birds, always getting in my way with their constant squaking and their disgusting, flying, pieces of..."

As the ranger used every word banned from the internet, they pressed onwards. Not too long, the death cry of a small brown bird could be heard from behind them.

"Damn..." the ranger couldn't help but say, "maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to leave Spearow behind..."

They took a moment of silence for the bird, before continuing forward. They reached an interesting tunnel-like formation and peeked inside.

"Wow, I hear some powerful Pokemon," Adam said, "can we go take a look?"

The ranger took out a small yellow device and began flicking through it, then he shook his head.

"Area's off-limits, I can't get a signal, and without a map, we're screwed," the ranger said.

"Wait a minute..." Adam replied, "we got lost a while back, right?"

"Yes..." the ranger replied with uncertainty.

"and that's a map of the island... right?"

"Yes, why?"


"Oh, right," the ranger replied, realizing that things would've been a lot different if he had remembered to check the Pokenav, "well, I have it now, and apparently we're nearing a berry grove. Lots of Pokemon go there to feed. C'mon, I'll take you there."
Name: Adam
Money: $11,500
Location: Woods
Items: x4 Park Balls ; x2 Super Balls ; x4 Hyper Balls ; x2 Poke-dolls

Area Effects: 7 Encounters Remaining

Ghost Hunter(Gengar/Sassy/M/Levitate): 28% [Thunderbolt] , [Energyball], [Substitute] , [Psychic] , [Sludge Bomb], [Psych Up], [Toxic], [Swagger] , [Explosion], [Snatch], [Hidden Power: Fire], [Focus Blast] , [Will-O-Wisp], [Taunt] , [Counter] , [Protect] , [Giga Drain] , [Double Team] , [Attract] , [Skill Swap], [Trick]

Chimpy(Infernape/Jolly/M/Blaze): 100%, [Brick Break], [Earthquake], [Grass Knot] , [Sword Dance],[Shadow Claw], [Substitute] , [Stone Edge] , [Solar Beam], [Hidden Power : Ice], [U-Turn], [Attract], [Roar], [Swagger], [Rock Tomb], [Ariel Ace], [Will-O-Wisp], [Overheat], [Thunder Punch] , [Encore], [Fake Out]

Encounter #1: Lickitung(?/Naughty/Own Tempo) 3%(Captured)
Encounter #2: Mankey(?/Adamant/Anger Point) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #3: Slaking(?/Sassy/Truant) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #4: Zangoose(?/Rash/Immunity) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #5: Farfetch'd(?/Serious/Keen Eye)1.5%(Captured)
Encounter #6: Ekans(?/Bold/Shed Skin) 100%[Relocated]
Encounter #7: Nidoran-F(F/Mild/Poison Point) 100%(Retreated)
Encounter #8: Spearow(?/M/Keen Eye) 0%(Deceased) vs. Ekans(?/Bold/Shed Skin) 47%

OOC: Bonus points for having the first fatality. *hi5*

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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