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Default Purified (PG) [Ch. 5 Finally!]

I can't believe I'm doing this . . .

A Record of the First Shadow Incident
(A Retelling of Pokémon Coliseum)


Yep. I'm attempting to rewrite the story of Pokemon Colosseum. I really enjoyed playing the game --no wait-- I LOVED playing the game, and I know that there are several people here who haven't had the opportunity to play it. And so, I have several reasons for writing this. First, I want to share this wonderful story with those who don't know it. Second, I wanted to write how I saw and interpreted all of the events in Orre. Maybe I might fix up some story gaps, or improve some things. Plus, I wanted to make Wes (the main character) seem more real and give him a personality. Third, I need something to satisfy myself until the next Shadow video game comes out (assuming it does). Fourth, I see this as a practice for my writing. Yes, the plot is already there. This then leaves room for me to improve on other things, such as style, grammer, and tools. Also, it gives me something to work on when I have writer's block *coughcough* on my other stories. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any kind of input on ways I can improve. Please, feel free to point out mistakes or places that need a little patching up. ^^

It is not my intent to offend or mis-interpret any factor of this tale. I apologize for any mistakes I might make, now and in the future.

Things You Should Know:

1- I might add things to the plot, but for the most part I'm staying true to the story.

2- Don't expect romance. I suck at it, and for all I know Wes and Rui are just friends. ^^'

3- As I have said in my other fan fic, I do not believe that foul language, excessive gore, and romance gone too far belong in Pokemon. Excuse me for being blunt, but that's how I feel about my stories.

5-The Pokemon in my fic will know more than four moves. So don't get worried if I have Umbreon use Bite, Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Secret Power, Snatch, ect, all in the same battle. Its smart in video games, but here in a more realistic setting, why should they forget moves?

6-I'll use some 4th Gen stuff in here. Mostly moves, though. ^^'

7-I hope I don't screw this up . . .

>--Table Of Contents--<

Without further ado, I bring you Pokemon Colosseum: Purified!

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