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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Ranger Hyacinth
Mt. Deckbi

The trainer, despite his Pokemon's attack seemingly having no effect, decided he had enough, and wanted to catch Slugma. So, picking up a ParkBall from his bag, the boy threw it in a very obnoxious manner, as if he was playing a game of ball instead of using a very delicate highly technologic device.

Hyacinth shrugged. It's his choice to do that, no need to butt in.

The spherical item flew to the fiery slug as it finished preparing for its next attack...

And hit before the Pokemon could actually launch that. The sphere shook on the ground, struggling still, as both the trainer and ranger crossed fingers hoping for it to come true...

The ball stopped. And it didn't open.

"Congratulations!" Hyacinth yelled. "This is your second Pokemon- have you checked its gender, by any chance?" he asked, then shook his head. "Sorry, that's not what I wanted to ask. Where do we go now? The choice is up to you."

In front of them, there stood a cave- likely long, and seemingly lit, from what they could make out from the outside.

And on their side the traiil who kept going around the volcano for a little more.

Both held surprises and discoveries to come.


Area effect: Ash Rain.
Uneven terrain. Entrance of a cave.

Encounter #5
Cautious Slugma (Flame Body/??) - Caught

Trainer Stats:
Name: Alden Umstar
Items: Park Ball x4, Super Ball x4, Full Heal x2, Max Potion x3

~ Female Calm Umbreon (Synchronize) 88.11%
Extra Moves: Toxic TM

Male Adamant Flareon (Flash Fire) 78.87%

Previous Encounters:
#1 - Timid Male Geodude (Rock Head) - Captured.
#2 - Geodude - Trainer Fled.
#3 - Cubone - Trainer Fled.
#4 - Diglett - Trainer Fled.
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