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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

OOC: Jess said Rangers don't need to keep track of the money, so do I still need to tell you when my money changes? And I'll try my best ^^;


I gasped again, as Farfetch'd dug her razor-sharp claws straight into Infernape's face. Long bloody scratches had appeared on Infernape's face, including a very ugly one, running from his forhead to his left eye.

I quickly removed the black rucksack strapped on my shoulders, and after a few minutes rummaging inside it, as Amonea, Infernape and even Farfetch'd watched me, I pulled out a tiny blue bottle, and was about to unscrew it and spray the Max Potion, when Infernape stopped me with a violent shake of his head.

"You want to carry on for now?" I asked, in a low voice, not entirely happy with what Infernape proposed to do.

Infernape nodded in reply, and closed his eyes for a minute, focussing his thoughts and clearing his mind.

"Alright then, let's carry on," I said. "Let's try something different now, use Rock Tomb, but make sure you don't knock her out."

Infernape stood still for a moment, then clenched both his fists and started beating them and his tail heavily on the forest floor.

A few seconds later, six large boulders erupted out of the ground around Farfetch'd, slowly drawing closer and closer towards the bird. I knew that they would finally encircle her closely from all four sides, forming a cage-like structure around her.


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