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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

OOC: Aww, I hope you get well soon ^^ Btw, Rock Tomb missed right? :o


"The Pokemon are not normally so reckless, or aggressive. Perhaps something is going on...just be careful."

I myself was extremely surprised to see Farfetch'd behaving in such an aggressive manner.

No, this was certainly not what one could call normal, I thought. Farfetch'd looked like it was suffering from some weird trauma. The twig which she held in her hand was now broken, and the broken end dangled and remained intact by a mere fragment of the twig.

Infernape was now bleeding quite a lot, and I considered using the little blue bottle still clutched firmly in my hand, when something else came into my mind.

It was much more useful as it was natural and not something like this synthetic chemical.

"Alright Infernape, first use Slack Off and then follow it up with a Flamethrower to weaken Farfetch'd," I commanded.

Infernape took in these words, and then closed his eyes firmly, almost in a similar fashion as he had done when he was preparing for the Brick Break attack. The flames on his head and arms also started burning more brightly. However, this was not an offensive attack. I knew that in a few minutes, the cuts and scratches on Infernape's body would start healing themselves slowly, and the bleeding would ease too.

He would then proceed to execute his Flamethrower, increasing his body temperature and throwing out heat waves, and would then finally breathe out another jet of scorching flames like it had done earlier and direct them towards the bird.


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