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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Name: Umbree
Gender: Male
Species: Umbreon
Side: Primal Dialga Agent
Age: Six
Description: Umbreon possessed by evil, looks like this: Also is slightly smaller than normal Umbreon, from only living a short time. Umbree also has a very high voice.
Other: Umbree is only posessed, he unknowingly is evil because he is young and in posession of Dusknoir. If Umbree stays in the past for fifteen days, then Umbree will revert to a normal pokemon.


Umbree is a very happy, lively pokemon. He is just as happy and lively as Wigglytuff, from Wigglytuff guild. He's only six, so doesn't know much of what to do. Umbree listens to Dusknoir and Dusknoir only. In a tricky situation, he never knows what to do. But as a shadow pokemon, he is very strong in battle situation, despite his size. Umbree can really only use Payback, Dark pulse, Pursuit, and Moonlight. He only comes out at night and acts as a tool. If an enemy picks a fight and runs off, then Umbree will always continue to follow. The longer Umbree has to chase after an opponent, the stronger his pursuit attack will be. He's often the leader of fighting groups and no one likes him for it. In conclusion, if someone gets to Umbree, then Umbree will get to them.


Umbree was born without a name on October 30th, the day before Halloween. He was only an Evee, rose by two parents, an Espeon and Umbreon who were different from the rest of their kind. His name couldn't be deciced. Umbree had a sister who was favored by his mother.

When Umbree was little, he would always watch TV. The family was able to have a TV because one of their relatives had discovered a TV thrown out by humans, and learned how to create them. This relative gave her prototype TV to them. Umbree would watch a show about team HydroLeaf, which was a famous team then. Umbree would often talk about joining them some day, which was no surprise to his parents.

Umbree still didn't have a name, but he eventually gained the nick name Evan, and his sister obtained the nick name Eve. Evan and Eve loved each other. They were very close twins, and were alot alike.

It was too bad that Evan was kidnapped at age three. He was taken by an agent of Primal Dialga, to allow Dusknoir to have. He was trained in the darkness, and became posessed by Dusknoir's powers. He began to obtain evil features, yet his personality of happiness couldn't be changed. Dusknoir used that to his advantage, treating Evan like a tool.

Evan loved how gloomy it was, and soon evolved in to an Umbreon. Dusknoir gasped in amazement at Umbreon evolving. He blurted out the evolution name, "Umbree-" But was cut off by Evan's happiness screaming "Umbree! Umbree Uuumbree!" Thinking of it as a name. Thus, Evan obtained the name Umbree.

Umbree's strength was enjoyed, but didn't understand much of what people ment at his age. Primal Dialga had discovered the renegades, and he knew Umbree had the strength to capture lots of renegades. So Umbree was sent through very rough training and at age six was sent out to the past gaining guidance. He knew that his priority now was to convince the lake trio to never give out the time gears, and he was also sent to protect the time gear from Treeshroud Forest. This became Umbree's duty, and did it without hesitation.

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