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Default Luke39's Stats!


Battle Record Restarted on March 4th 2010. Wiped all battle records. This got approved by Haze.

Spring Gift Station 2010: Recieved: luke39 (11) : Floatzel from Trainer17; Victreebel from Sec; Golem from BlueJello; Crobat from Fierce Deity; HM Surf from Bumblebee; Thunderstone from Ataro; TM Thunder from Ayotui; Gible from SoA; Manectric from King Zark; Fire Stone rom Seq; Chinchou from Xalapeno

Name - Luke39
Money: $1,500
Battle Record [W/L/D] - 5/42/0
Items - Proof Of Purchase To Right Of Item!
Cable Link- Unlimited Use!
Magmarizer - Used On Magmar
Water Stone -Used on Poliwhirl
TM/HM - Rock Polish - Gym Battle! Used on Kabutops!
Water Pulse - - Used On Poliwrath!
Ice Beam & Earthquake X2: Used On Poliwrath Infernape Garchomp
Stone Edge: Got from Rustbro Gym Battle! Used on Swampert!
Brick Break: Used On Poliwrath
Earthquake: Got From Viridian Gym Battle! Used on Poliwrath!
Brick Break- Got From SpiderC Gym Battle! Gifted to Lord Khajmer!
Thunder Bolt- Used On Luxary
Earthquake & Water Pulse - Used both on Lucario!
X Scissor- Got from beating Gun6's Gym! - Mr Mime!
Stealth Rock: Used On Swampert!
Brick Break: Used on Swampert!
Energy Ball: Got from Gym battle against Ragnarok! Used On Gengar!
Sunny Day: Used On Charizard
Brick Break: Used On Charizard
Solar Beam: Used On Charizard
Toxic: Used On Charizard
Shadow Claw: Used On Charizard
Swords Dance: Used On Charizard
Rest: Used On Houndoom
Attract: Used On Houndoom
Will-O-Wisp : Used On Gengar
Double Team: Used On Togetic
Rain Dance: Used On Kabutops
Razor Claw: Used On Gligar
Thunderstone: Got from gift Station-Used on Eevee!
Thunder: Got from Gift Station
Fire Stone: Got from Gift Station
HM Surf: Gift Station
Grass Knot:

Gym Badges:
Coal Badge- Ayouti's Gym!
Stone Badge- Tsuki's Gym!
Earth Badge: Ted's Gym!
Storm Badge- SpiderC's Gym!
Hive Badge- Gun6's Gym!
Mine Badge- Ragnajacob's Gym!
Rainbow Badge - Ragnarok's

Mons Proof Of Purchase:
Aipom #2 :

Recent Events!
Beat Ayouti In A Gym Battle! New Badge!
Lost So Many Gym Battles!
Purchased Chimchar From The Pokemart!
Beat BB16 7 Times 7k Also Bought Gible!
Omg I love BB16 And Adrenaline (Pshyedelic Shroomish) because i evolved Chimchar to Infernape and Gible to Garchomp! Also Made lots of Cash!
Bought a squirtle for Adrenaline and traded it for his Budew! And gone for sleepover at my Best Friends house! Cya Tommorow!
Got A Shinx and A Marowak From the Giveaway! Awsome!
Got lots of awsome stuff from the giveaway!
Awsome I went in 2 contests and came 3rd and fourth which equals 2.5k! Also got a Magikarp from my story!
Medz 2HKOed Me And Dark Garv Reffed I Evolved MY Mons And Got 8.5K! Happy!
I 2HKOd SpriderC's Poliwhirl so it could evolve and got 3k and 3 wins!
Awsome I beat Tsuki's Gym!
Awsome beat TED's Gym!
Traded Gyarados & Lanturn For Staraptor & Floatzel!
Traded Leafeon for Rampardos! & bought Dratini from Pokemart!
Came 1st In A FFA! Yay!
Came 5th In A Christmas Themed FFA
Came 5th in Marshy's FFA out Of 10!
Came 11th in Husnain's FFA!
Traded My Luxary for Electivire!
YAY! Beacme Veilstone Gym Leader! My First Gym!
Came 11th In ATF's FFA!
Beat Gun & Ragna's Gym on New Yeras Eve in Australia!
Came 6th in Idriums FFA.
Just Voted in WWC. Got 3k for it!
Came 3rd in Idriums FFA!
Also came 1st in my 1st official contest.
Came 1st in my 2nd official Contest. 2 in 1 day!
Won my match in the first round of the NU Tournament. Got 2k!
Got Eevee. Got Gligar.

Most Memorabale Moment: Me Winning My First FFA With Poliwrath! Also Became Veilstone Gym Leader My First Gym!

Hatch @ 309
Evolve @ 348
Lv 100 @ 594

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