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Default Re: Individual RP: Redino987

OoC: srry for the extreme lateness, been REAL busy lately x.x Also, I don't think human characters are allowed supenatural feats in the park... I'll have to ask- for now, though, I'll just put it into the "flashy pyrotechnics" stuff. Also, I hope you didn't just make up the name of the sword on the spot, as the shikai release usually has connection with the sword's name.

Yes, I read bleach.

Another note, your right arm is much bigger than your left? MAkes you wonder for what you use it so much...


Redino hastily dodged the Psybeam attack, making his ranger wonder what was happening in there. "What's going on?" he asked as he saw the psychic attack dangerously close to his trainer, although it missed- which made him breath in relief.

The boy actually peeked in further, trying to get a clear vision of what was happening- not having much luck as the cave really needed some light source.

Then, suddenly, he saw some quick movement from Redino, as he uttered the words "Fire, Kyanon." Hyacinth was blinded by the resulting flash of light that erupted from the man- he made a mental note to ask about it to the trainer later. Although Absol looked fine after the whole I'm-ooh-shiny-and-cool-now-I'll-do-my-Magical-Girl-Transformation-Sequence thingy- perhaps he learned not to stare- Grumpig was not, understandably, it just stared directly and, well, you know the rest.

Redino appeared changed after that- not that Hyacinth could see, being temporairly as blind as a mole. In fact, the boy could only hear the other man say "Shocking First Bullet" but really could not imagine what it was all about- maybe it was just a fancy name for "I'll be throwing my ball now"?

Turns out it was. Like a cannon, his right arm shot the Hyperball at the Pokemon, all the while filling the room with gunpowder and general explosion smell, counting that the Pokemon was porbably too blind to actually dodge the ball. He was completely right.

The sphere absorbed the Grumpig, but it didn't stop there- oh no. While there was some servomechanism that would prevent it from going further in normal situation, like say, a human throwing it instead of a cannon, this servomechanism broke due to the speed the sphere was launched at, and it kept ricocheting through the cave until it lost momentum and rolled harmlessly on the ground.

The sphere didn't seem to let Grumpig out- but maybe it was just because it was broken- who knows?


Area effect: Redino is inside a cave. Light filters from behind him, but there isn't much due to the hail clouds shielding the sun. The cave is dark that you can barely see Grumpig. The cave is large enough to let An Aggron comfortably stand, though it'd have problems moving around. The cave seems to extend underground for long.
Absol is currently standing in a small patch of ice from his earlier Ice Beam.
Poochyena's Pokeball is still on the ground beside Redino. An Hyper ball is beside Grumpig
to be picked up.

Encounter #3

?? Bashful Grumpig (Thick Fat) - Caught

Trainer Stats:
Name: Redino Xenerous
Location: Meteor Valley
Total Items: 8 hyper balls, 9 Max Potions


In Battle: Absol(M)(brave) 63.11%
Super Luck
TMs/HMs/BMs/SMs/MTs: TM Stone Edge, TM Shadow Claw, TM X-Scissor, TM Iron Tail, TM Rock Tomb, TM Aerial Ace, TM Giga Impact, TM Protect, TM Fire Blast, TM Flamethrower, TM Hail, TM Ice Beam, TM Blizzard, TM Substitiute, TM Thunderbolt, TM Calm Mind, TM Will-O-Wisp, TM Thunder, TM Dream Eater, TM Sleep Talk, TM Dark Pulse, MT Superpower, MT Icy Wind

~Ninjask(M) (calm)
Speed Boost
TMs/HMs/BMs/SMs/MTs: TM Protect, TM Roost

Pokemon Caught:
Rash Poochyena (Quick Feet)
Bashful Grumpig (Thick Fat)

Previous Encounters:
#1 Male Jolly Abra- Fainted
#2 Male Rash Poochyena - Caught
#3 ?? Bashful Grumpig - Caught

OoC: remeber to pick up Poochyena's and the empty hyper ball- the Park isn't responsible for things you leave lying around.
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