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Default Re: Individual RP: Sec

OoC: you know, you shouldn't think only taking into account the games- Disable doesn't block moves in the anime, and that's what we take into account here.


Foreseeing bad things happening, Sec thought to try something else than his usual shoot-it-until-it-stops-moving. He ordered his Togekiss to try and avoid the Disable attack, while sending back a Yawn- hopefully putting the sludge pile to sleep.

The happiness Pokemon dove acrobatically for a little, as Grimer's poisonous arm began glowing blue, sign that the attack was about to take effect.

Togekiss stopped for a moment, taking in a large breath and then, huffing and puffing, lazy bubbles of pink drowsiness came out, floating towards the Poison Pokemon- right as it pointed its arm at Togekiss, and a laser-pointer like blue light briefly connected the two, taking advantage of Togekiss having to stop to aim.

The flying Pokemon was left paralyzed in the air as the blue thread connected the two, only briefly though as, not being able to keep propelling herself, she quickly fell down with a thud, unable to do anything.

That was how Disable worked- as long as the user kept focus, the opponent was prohibited every movement. Too bad it was far too easy to distract someone.

Struggling on the ground, despite being still, Togekiss waited her attack to hit- it was unlikely of Grimer to dodge now- in fact, it couldn't. The pink bubble popped right in its face and, although it seemed to suffer no short-term effect as of yet, something was bound to happen.

Meanwhile, taking advantage of the fact its opponent couldn't move and was still on the ground, Grimer started bubbling up inside, preparing to hurl its next attack.


Area: Half-lit corridor thanks to Wish. Getting smellier. There's a door. It's locked. There's a hole in the wall behind Grimer, and also a light switch.

Encounter #2
Grimer (??/??/??) 35.77% (Minimized) (Drowsy) ]Sludge[

Trainer stats:
Name: Sec
Location: Abandoned Power Plant

Total Items: x4 Park Balls ; x5 Super Balls ; x2 Max Potions ; x2 Full Heal

Pokemon Stats

Male Hardy Marowak (Lightning Rod) 100%
Extra Moves: TM Swords Dance, TM Earthquake

~Female Calm Togekiss (Serene Grace) 39.10%
Extra Moves:

Previous Encounters:
#1: Elekid - Fainted
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