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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Digimon X-Evolution Adoptables!

So you've all heard of Digi-Adopts, correct? And here you'll all think this is just going to be like it, right? Wrong! :D This site that I made is hosted by and features Rusnak's Adoptable Scripts, and my adoptables revolve around Digimon which have the X-Antibody in their Digicore. Look it up if you're unsure what it means. The images are Digimon LCDs and thus very small, making them fit into your signatures with ease. Most of them look quite cool too. It's free to join, free to play and etc.! Earn bits as you click on other people's Digimon! Watch your Pupumon, Dodomon or Fufumon digivolve to Mega! It's Digimon X-Evolution Adoptables!
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