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Default Re: [SU] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 - The Planet's Paralysis RP

Wow, a PMD2 role-play, Awesome! I'm a newcomer to this site and just came across this forum! It looks neat! Is it too late to join now? I hope I can still get in. All these characters are extremely well written and the plot is of course, really good.

Name: Elian
Gender: Male
Species: Plusle
Side: Renegades
Age: 16 1/2

Description: Elian is the same size as most other Plusles in the Pokemon world, but in a bit better shape. He is shiny, taking on the darker red color scheme compared to his normal counterparts, though the difference is relatively minor.

But his skin is what really separates him from the other Plusles out in the world. It is a more orange-ish skin tone, not the pale yellow that he should normally have. His hide is often described as having a creme or peach-colored shade.

Another side note about him is that Elian has golden colored eyes, an abnormality that he really prides himself on. His cheek spots, with the red circle and the plus shaped void, are also a bit smaller than the usual, being only a little bit bigger than his eyes. However, that does not mean Elian has less stored electricity within him. He claims that it merely concentrates his power even more.

A small, golden locket hangs around Elian's neck and he wears it with him constantly. He never takes it off, even if it considered a feminine item. The locket is oval in shape, highly ornate, and can open up from the side to reveal a hidden secret. Elian never shares what's inside this locket though, not even to his closest friends. His face gets a pained expression every time it is mentioned. He does look at its insides when he is alone however. If you could ever get close enough to hear him without him knowing, you might even hear some light sobbing and crying as he gazes sadly upon its contents before looking back up to beyond the horizon.

Personality: Elian by default, is what most people would describe as an idiot. He is goofy, cheerful and excitable, flaring into bouts of childish enthusiasm at a moment's notice. He likes to joke around with his friends and is not afraid to make a snide comment or two (all in good favor though).

Elian likes to smile frequently and when he laughs, he gets very physical, pounding whatever he can get his hands on. Elian can fast make friends, though most newcomers would find him annoying at first, his personality eventually rubs off on them. He also can be described as a moment-killer, ruining any serious mood with the worst of butt-ins possible.

He adores popular culture and, while he will never admit it, has a secret love of soap operas and will flock at any chance to stir romance in the air. Elian likes to reference popular events and parody them as either an analogy to something or as an insult to his target. He is also a faithful Pokemon, praying to Arceus when he sees fit (when about to eat dinner, or about to sleep, or when wishing for soap opera channel to come on).

Cooking is Elian's favorite pastime by far. Despite his past experiences, leave him alone with some food and cooking utensil for five minutes and you got yourself a meal. Elian usually prefers to cook dishes that require open flames to cook, which has caused him a few accidents in the past before. His main weakness though, are pastries (ironically). Elian has yet to correctly make any sort of baked item without causing some horrible side effects in the process. His latest attempt at muffins made quite a commotion with the other Pokemon (they were so hard, a Pokemon threw one and it punched right through the door).

However, if you catch Elian all by himself at just the right time, you can see another side of his personality. The side he covers up with a goofy smile and random laughter. Because of painful experiences in the past, Elian desperately tries to act cheerful and happy in order to push those memories away and not have the others worry about him too much. However, sometimes, the memories are just too strong, and he will occasionally leave the group to be by himself for some time.

This other side is almost a total opposite to Elian's usual self. Here, he is completely serious and does not joke around, even going as far as to act rather coldly to people he does not wish to see. All his previous childishness is replaced by depressed maturity, that if one didn't know better, you could swear you were talking to an entirely different Pokemon. If you check him though, you can see in his eyes, some hidden sadness that lurks behind them.

This other personality also houses Elian's battle emotions. When fighting, Elian is a serious fighter, never joking with his opponents and always on the lookout for oncoming attacks. During battle, Elian even starts to act as a leader to the surprise of many, shouting commands to his comrades while still watching his back.

History: Elian was born into a colony of Pokemon located within the Deserted Valley, very close to Shard Cave. His mother was a female Minun, and his father was a male Delcatty. His mom though, died shortly after child birth due to disease, so Elian has very little memory of her whatsoever. He did however, receive her golden locket as a gift from his father at two years old which had a picture of the two on their wedding day in it. He has never taken it off since.

The colony Elian lived in was rather unique. There were two groups of Pokemon that lived together under a tribal method of sustenance.

The half of Pokemon who were able battlers were called Warriors and protected the colony from outside threats to the community.

The other half of the Pokemon, called Nobles, were not strong enough or fast enough to battle frequently. Instead they served as food providers, growing food and rationing it to the starving residents of the colony.

The Nobles, were not very kind to the Warriors though. They changed the amount of ration they gave to the fighters at their whim, sometimes, many of whom had to go without food for days. The Warriors could do little against the Nobles however, as the Nobles hid their food in a secret location known only to them.

Elian's father died while he was three years old due to starvation and an attack by a raging Scyther. Elian never quite recovered from the news of his father death.

Elian was taken in by a friend of his father's, a Raichu named Apollo, who taught him much on how to be a good warrior. Elian was overall a decent combantant, learning many electric and physical moves and even managing to pick up on Apollo's volt tackle and iron tail.

Elian participated in his first real combat at the age of 7, receiving his first task as a Warrior to guard a small, secluded entrance to the colony. A bidoof arrived to the entrance and, overcome by hunger and deperation attacked him the moment he spotted Elian. A fierce battle ensued between the two. While Elian held superior attacks and speed, the Bidoof was in such a trance that it felt none of Elian's blows and would shrug off even his most powerful attacks. Eventually, Elain managed to subdue his assailant by shocking him next to a piece of metal that amplified the current's powers. The bidoof was later taken by older Warriors and "sent to a better place".

Elian attended the learning system of the colony starting at the 4 years old. An aging Alakazam Noble taught the young Pokemon, grammar and speech that was crucial to communicating with the adults. As the Pokemon got older, they attended a class at a different time period to learn about "Science". Here, Elian learned about elemental types and the basics of smart battling. The Alakazam also taught food preservation, since most of colony's food was saved to be eaten at a later period.

Elian didn't mind "school" really, and excelled during the daily physical exercise that all kids had to take. This was due in part to his Warrior heritage. What he did mind about, was the other Pokemon children. Most of the attending kids were Nobles did not try to befriend, because Elian had to frequently leave the "school" when called away on Warrior duty. They would talk about how he never got along with them because he always had something to do. Then the would laugh at him when he came back, saying, "You're back?! I thought Warriors were too stupid to do anything!"

Elian did however manage to find himself a friend. When he was 8 years old, Elian was sent to guard an entrance to the colony located near the canyons. He hated watching over this area, while he did not want to intentionally harm a Pokemon that was just looking for food, this area was so boring that he nearly tore his eyes out in frustration at the plainness of the area. One day however, a rabid Rhyhorn appeared at the entrance and lunged at Elian. Despite fighting bravley, Elian's type disadvantage against Ground attacks proved his downfall. Elian was thrown into a wooden wall and pinned by the Rhyhorn with its front legs. The Rhyhorn was about to impale the poor Plusle when a Water pulse came out of nowhere and slammed into the rabid Pokemon headon, slamming it to the ground. A Wartortle who was the same age as Elian came to his rescue and defeated the Rhyhorn with its type advantage.

The Wartortle introduced himself as Pythios and the two Pokemon became instant friends. They attended school together and were happy with one another's companionship, no longer lonely anymore. Elian and Pythios would play with each other all day and have practice battles to train as Warriors (They were always tied despite Elian's type advantage). And on days were there was no learning classes or Warrior duty, the two Pokemon would leave the colony to go explore the surroundings. Apollo would always get angry at the two over this, but he later admitted he did the same too when he was young.

Their friendship was almost brotherly. Pythios often acted as a sort of big brother to Elian, and would watch over him whenever he needed help. He scared away the Noble children by threatening to beat them to a pulp.

A new face arrived on the scene. While coming home from Warrior duty, Elian accidentally bumped into a young female Minun. While she was the same age as him as well, Elian was at first fearful of the Minun. She was a Noble and he knew what Nobles would do if a Warrior crossed their path. Instead of getting mad however, the Minun merely laughed a bit at Elian's worried face and helped him up. Her name was Laria and to Elian, she was the most beautiful Pokemon he had ever seen.

Laria met Pythios the following day, and the three became good friends. Laria ditched her former group of friends because she said that they were no fun to be around. Due to her Noble status, Laria was able to take her friends to buildings where only Nobles were allowed to visit. She took Elian to a kitchen one day and showed him the art of cooking. He fell in love with it first sight and borrowed one of her cookbooks, practicing cooking various berry recipes at home (much to Apollo's delight). She showed Pythios the game of Chess, a favorite pasttime used by the Nobles. Pythios took a slight intrest in it, and would practice with kids at school during the free breaks.

The Three Pokemon also visited an old human invention: the photo booth. Each year, Laria, Elian, and Pythios would pose in the still working machine and get their pictures taken. Each of the three would take one of the photos and keep it with them as a memoir of the times they had together.

A few years later, when Elian was 12, Apollo came home with a terrible cough and headache. Elian panicked at first, thinking that he was going to die, but Apollo insisted he was fine. Apollo's condition did not improve though, as the months went by, his coughing got worse and worse. Elian came home from school the next year to find his foster father leaning against the wall, coughing up blood. Elian freaked. He ran to the Noble doctor's house as quickly as his legs could carry him and told him of Apollo's severe medical condition. The doctor went to check on Apollo, but said he could do nothing. He said the most he could do was give him some healing berries and let him rest for a while.

Elian took over his foster Father's job for him, in order to still receive rations to feed the two. He skipped school for weeks on end due to his strenuous new position as a guard near one of the main entrances of the colony. He fought powerful Pokemon every single day and came home every night with rations, completely exhausted and still having to take care of his foster father Apollo.

He still was able to visit his friends though, on days he was not on Warrior duty. Laria was blossoming into a beautiful young Minun, and Elian began to see her as more than a friend. Pythios was beginning to notice as well.

Pythios did his best to help Elian during Warrior duty, joining the electric Pokemon at his guard post and helping to fend off savage Pokemon. One day, when Elian was 14, he and Pythios received a report saying that a Pokemon thief had killed a guard and slipped past the entrance. Elian and Pythios got a substitute to serve in their place while they hunted down the thief.

The two eventually found the thief was hidden inside the school, after all the other kids had left. It was a Metang, and it had stolen some of the food rations. Elian signaled to Pythios that he would run ahead due to his type advantage and headed inside. Pythios stood outside the school, waiting in case of an emergency. When Elian confronted the Metang though, the steel Pokemon turned to him and fired a Hyper Beam at the electric type. Elian gasped and tried to leap out of the way. The resounding explosion blew the front doors of the school wide open, Pythios was flung to the ground from the force, badly burned.

"Elian!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as the wooden building collapsed to the ground in flaming ruin.

Elian stumbled out into a darkened area of a nearby street, badly wounded and burnt. He was clinging to his side, which was bleeding from a cut from falling rubble. Laria suddenly appeared down the street, staring in shock at the fire. Elian smiled weakly and tried to step forward. Pythio's voice cut him off though.

"Laria!" He cried running up to her in tears. He collapsed at her feet and lay there sobbing in complete agony. Laria bent down to him.

"What? What happened?" She asked him worriedly.

"Elian... Elian..." He managed to stutter before completely breaking down and burying himself in her chest weakly pounding away while crying even more than before.

"He's-" She started, turning to the fire.

Pythios nodded while still sobbing in her chest.

Elian started to walk forward, wanting to yell at them that he was alive. Laria suddenly picked up Pythio's face slightly from her chest, looking directly into his eyes.

"Don't say that!" She affirmed him, "I'm sure he's alright."


She kissed Pythios, full on in the lips.

"Don't worry, I know he'll be fine Honey, I know he will." She tried to comfort him.

Glass shattered in Elian's mind. He sunk slowly to the ground while a fresh batch of tears welled up in his eyes. His heart was completely broken to pieces. It turned out that the girl he had loved, and his best friend, were already in love and were a couple now.

Elian, instead of running to his friends yelling, "I'm here! I'm fine!", turned around and stumbled away from them. He felt betrayed and hurt and wanted nothing more than to die at that moment.

Elian managed to stumble back to his foster father Apollo's house. But, because of his injuries he took a long time to get there, getting back a few hours after the Metang incident. He peered inside the house from a corner of the open window. Apollo had recovered from his illness, but Pythios and Laria had arrived well before he did. Pythios explained what happened to him and Elian while at the school. Apollo dropped the mug he was carrying onto the floor, the thing shattering into a million pieces.

"You're lying!" Apollo yelled in denial, "You're lying!"

Pythios shook his head and lay on the bed in pain and sorrow. Laria comforted him while tears were streaming down her face as well. Apollo walked over to an unfinished berry recipe that was sitting on the counter top. Elian had promised to finish it later the next day. With a heave, Apollo angrilly threw it against the wall in a mess and burst out into tears. He blamed himself for Elian's death, saying that if he was not sick, it would have been him, not Elian who would be dead.

Elian, looking at the scene before him, desperately wanted to just barge in the house. But he restrained himself by a single thought. He knew in the end that Laria and Pythios would be better off as a couple if they thought he was dead. And Apollo wouldn't have to worry about taking care of a child and could return to the dating business. He always said he wanted to remarry after his first wife died.

He ran away from the colony, never to return again. He didn't want to ever see it again, there were too many painful memories about that place in his heart. Elian wandered about the country side, feeding off berries and fruits while recovering from his injuries. He dedicated himself to fighting any feral Pokemon that threatened anyone and earned quite a reputation for himself as the "Electric Fury".

Every time he would go to sleep though, Elian would remove the locket around his neck and open it. One side held his parents wedding picture with Apollo in the background as a Pikachu. The other side was the picture from the photo booth with him and his friends, when he was still so oblivious to their relationship.

By the time he was 15, Elian came across a group of Pokemon called the Renegades. They told him about Primal Diagla and how he and his agents wanted to have a dark, bleak, future world. One of the agents then explained that the Renegades would travel to the past (A concept he had never heard of), and change the past, stopping Temporal Tower from collapsing and preventing the dark world that they were now living in. While Elian had never heard of Diagla or his agents, his colony was very secluded, he still decided to join them. He took one more look at his locket and decided that it would be worth disappearing forever in return of giving his friends a happier future.

His time with the Renegades has healed his emotional wounds slightly. His serious side disappeared and his true personality: goofy and silly, came forth once more. However, Elian still feels uncomfortable around certain Pokemon, particularly Syrak the Raichu, due to his strong resemblance to Apollo. He hopes to have a good time while he can and give his friends a better life when Temporal Tower is fixed.

Attributes: Very battle experienced due to his Warrior background. He can wield Electric attacks, Physical moves and Normal moves rather well. Main method of fighting is by either Long-range moves, or by Dodge-and-Counter melee. Elian though, is rather offensive minded and added with his light weight, is more vulnerable to other attacks since he does not really try to protect himself, preferring to dodge if possible. Watch out when he's got a plan though, Elian has become rather crafty from hanging around Pythios so much.

While not part of the battling section, Elian is probably the worst driver on the planet. He has totaled a car-like machine that Laria owned within the first minute of handling it. He slammed it through Laria's front door.

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