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Default Re: |False Accusation™|

False Accusation: Continued

“Thank you!” I smiled. “You’re doing better I see.”

She nodded and went to the cupboards.

“Earlier tonight, a double homicide took place.” The news reporter on the television said. I heard the reporter’s voice get quieter and quieter. I knew Axel turned the volume down. I got up and entered the room.

“The body of Francisco Chavez was found in the abandoned house on Cadaver St.” The reporter continued. “Two police officers arrived at the scene. That is where one of the officers met his demise and the house caught on fire. The whole bottom floor is burn, authorities are not sure how the house is still standing; the crime scene however was intact. Investigators claim that only one piece of evidence was found in the whole area. What that piece of evidence is, is currently unknown at this.”

My mouth dropped open in shock.

“Officer Dave Mathews was attack and killed by a young man in his twenties.” The reporter reported. “The other officer appears to be unharmed and was able to get a description of the young man. The name of this individual will remain anonymous until further investigations can be made.” A picture of Axel flashed on the screen.

“He was not dead when we left!” I shouted. I could not believe this was happening. A picture of both officers flashed on the screen. That’s when I remembered. “I remember now, I saw that officer across the street staring at us as we entered the house.”

Axel looked at me confused. “Why did you not tell me earlier?” he asked.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized. ”I did not think it was important earlier, and then I forgot about it until now.”

“Are you sure?” Axel asked, looking at me into my eyes.

“Positive, that scar on his cheek is what I remember, I could not forget that.” I assured.

“Then that means that he must have killed the officer and the middle aged man, but why?” He asked aloud. A loud siren sound could be heard in the distance.

What I did not get was if they did not want the alleged culprit to run, did they have such loud sirens when they approached the house. If they wanted to catch someone by surprise, they should turn those sirens off. Right now though, I was glad they had those sirens on. It warned us that they were more than likely coming for us.

“Quick, go grab the bags you packed and come back here immediately.” Axel said as he headed to his room to do the same. He already had a bag ready in the kitchen. I ran to my room and grabbed my bags. I hung my head low and closed my door.

I walked back to the kitchen where Axel was already waiting. He had two bags with him.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked, his Gardevoir and Houndoom standing next to him. I nodded sadly as the sirens could be heard outside the house and the red and blue flashing lights lit up the night. “Come over here!”

I walked over to him. He held my hand and closed my eyes.

“Gar-de-VOIR!” I heard Gardevoir chant as I saw through my closed eyelids, a white blinding light. We began moving, and my body felt as light as a feather. It was as if we were traveling at an immensely fast speed.

When we stopped, I opened my light grey eyes and saw that we were at Aunt Rachel’s blue three story brick house, two if you don’t count the attic. Her house was the biggest on the block. It, along with two other houses on the street, was built over one hundred years ago. I could see black ashy smoke coming out of her brown bricked chimney. Her street was one of the lucky ones that did not get flooded.

A barking sound could be heard on the other side of the door. It was more of happy, friendlier barks than a “Be careful, a stranger is at our door” kind of bark that guard Pokémon gives out. It was her Arcanine, Shaggy.

Axel knocked on the light brown wooden door twice and rung the doorbell once. The doorbell was one of those annoying catchy tones. It sounded like “Da da de dum, dum de da!” That sound kept ringing in my head over and over again.

A few seconds later, an elderly whitish blond haired woman with a long purple dress and a fancy purple hat on her head opened the door.

“You’re here… I was so worried about you.” Rachel happily said happily. I was so glad she was helping us; she was like another mother to us. She pushed us inside and quickly shut the wooden door behind her. Axel pulled out a round sphere and returned Gardevoir into her Pokeball.

Shaggy jumped on me happily and began licking me with his enormous tongue. His fuzzy tan mane tickled as it brushed on my neck. I playfully pushed the black striped dog Pokémon off of me. Then Shaggy and Shadow went off into the fire room.

The fire room was a room that Rachel had created for her fire type Pokémon to train and play in without burning down the house. It was just a large circular room made of steel that allowed Shaggy, and Shadow in this situation, to run around and practice shooting targets with his fire attacks. The targets were usually just sandbags that were shot out of a machine. Whenever we came over, Shaggy and Shadow would always head into that room to try and prove who was stronger.

“You both must be hungry!” She said in a sweet voice. I had not smelt it when I came in, but the smell of fresh brownies was in the air. It smelt delightful.

“Actually, I already ate.” I gratefully said, smiling at her.

“Then I guess you don’t want any brownies with hot fudge and ice cream!” She shrugged. A small grin could be seen on her face.

“You know that is my weakness.” I gleamed. I really did like hot fudge brownies with ice cream. It was what my adopted mother would make for me occasionally. For the time being, I had forgotten all that was going on. The two gruesome murders that took place today at that abandoned house. That Axel was a fugitive on the run from the police for a crime that he did not even commit. It had all slipped out of my mind.

I looked back at Axel. He smiled at me and walked up the stairs. Rachel walked me into her large kitchen. The refrigerator she had had double doors, a freezer, an ice and water dispenser, and two drawers like boxes on the bottom. She had a small island in the middle of the room that had a glassy, mini pebbled surface. She opened the over and took out the hot, fresh brownies. She went to the fridge and pulled out some fudge, chocolate and strawberry syrup and some walnuts.

She made me my hot fudge brownie and placed it in front of me.

“Eat it slowly, it’s hot!” She said as she walked upstairs. More than likely it was to talk to Axel about the situation. I really wanted to know what was going on. I wanted to know what Axel was planning and how I could help.

I cut the brownie up and shoved a piece down my throat. I swallowed it, nearly chocking because of how hot is was. I blew on it a bit and ate the rest as quickly as I could. I wanted to enjoy it, but my curiosity got the best of me. I quietly walked up the stairs and pressed my ear against the door to listen in on their conversation.

“I did not kill them!” I heard Axel yell.

“Keep your voice down, he’ll hear you, I believe you, but how can we prove this?” She asked, trying to be as helpful as possible. I could hear a thump on the bed, followed by another thumb. I assumed they were sitting on the bed now.

“I’m not sure, perhaps I’ll have to turn myself in.” Axel sighed sadly.

“Nonsense, that boy needs you, if you really did not commit that crime then we need to find a way to prove that.” She said sternly.

“I know he does, I don’t want him involved in any of this.” He cried. I could hear him crying now. “I don’t see any way out.”

“You might just have to go back to the crime scene to find something the cops did not.” She suggested.

“Th-that could work, but I would have to leave Emit here.” Axel whispered. “He is just a boy and does not deserve to go through any of this.” I was now angry at the fact that Axel thought I was just a kid. He was not going to leave me here. I was going to help him in any way that I could.

“That was going to be what I suggested next.” She stated. “It would be for the best.”

“Okay then, I will leave at night.” He said. “We can’t tell Emit about any of this, okay.”

“Of course not.” She answered. “He would only want to go with you.” I backed away from the door and quietly made my way back downstairs.

He was going to leave without me? He can’t just leave me here. I could most definitely be of assistance to him. The fact that he was leaving and not taking me with him angered me. I could hear them coming down the stairs.

“How’s the hot fudge brownie?” Rachel asked me as she walked into the kitchen, Axel following close behind.

“Fine.” I mumbled. I got up and put my plate away.

“What’s wrong?” Rachel asked, her voice filled with suspicion. I ran passed her and Axel to the outside patio, closing the glass door behind me. I sat out there and looked up into the sky. I could feel myself tearing up.

I heard the glass door open up and soft footsteps approached me from behind.

“They look nice!” Axel said as he pointed at the bright bluish stars in the sky. I nodded and continued looking up, a small tear rolled down my left cheek.

“You heard our conversation right?” Axel asked as he wiped the tear from my cheek. I nodded again.

“You know why I have to leave you here right?” He asked again, his voice sounding a bit sad. I looked down at my green striped running shoes. “I can’t put you at risk and have you involved with any of this.”

“I can take care of myself.” I mumbled.

“I know you can, but I cannot risk that.” He sighed. “I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you because of me.”

“I can help you!” I pleaded. “Whatever you need.”

“You would help me a lot by remaining here, that way I would not have to worry about anything happening to you, do you understand?” He asked as he pulled me closer to him. I once again nodded my head.

“I guess I could stay here for a while, but you have to let me know what is going on at least once a day.” I argued.

“Deal, I’ll do better than that!” He assured. He hugged me and then turned towards the door. “Are you coming inside?”

“Yeah.” I said following him in the large house. As we entered the living room, Rachel stood up.

“Everything alright?” She asked, looking at Axel straight in the eyes.

“It’s perfectly fine; he was just tired and worn out.” Axel responded. “I don’t blame him after everything he’s been through.” Rachel looked at Axel suspiciously and nodded.

“Okay then, you both should get some rest then.” She said, seeming a little pushy. “We have a long day tomorrow.”

“Yesam,” I grumbled, but obediently began to head up the stairs. I had not realized it, but I was extremely tired. All the events that took place today had completely drained me. I glanced back at Aunt Rachel and Axel before reaching the top of the staircase, watching them as they disappeared into the next room.

I walked down the long, narrow, cold hall into the last room with the door painted a lime green color and walked into it. This is the room that I was going to be sleeping in for a while, at least until this mess that we were in got situated and resolved. I hoped to whoever was in the heavens above that it would be over soon and Axel and I could return to our house. I walked into the brightly colored bathroom and washed up. I took a long shower and tried to relax.

After about thirty minutes, I got out of the shower and put on some fresh clothes. I sat in a chair next to a window and looked up at the stars. I just stared blankly into the night black sky. What seemed like minutes actually was hours. I had not realized it, but three hours passed by before I become conscious of what I was doing. I shook it off and moved away from the window.

I was about to go to bed when I decided to see what sort of information they had on us on the news. I grabbed the remote and turned on the thirty-two inch plasma screen TV and lowered the volume so that only I could hear it.

I waited for them to say something about us on the news, but nothing came on. I reached for the remote to turn off the TV when an emergency broadcast popped onto the screen. A lady’s voice could be heard in the background saying:

We have been informed by local authorities that the individual or individuals involved in the abandoned house incident have not been apprehended as of this moment. They are looking for any information on the whereabouts of these suspects. If you have any information in regards to this case please call the hotline at 888 – TIPS or 888 – 8477. They are offering a large reward ranging from ten thousand to fifty thousand dollars for valuable information that will help them put these criminals in custody.

We had to make sure we were not seen by anyone because anybody who saw us was surely going to turn us in for that reward. I had to go find Axel and let him know. I quietly opened the door to my room and walked out. I did not want to wake anyone else so I walked quietly.
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