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Default Re: URPG Stories Chat & Feedback

Originally Posted by Tyger Crysis View Post
I've written a few stories that had little to nothing to do with Pokemon, using them mainly in a passing manner, and yet caught what I was after.

Of course that could be cause I'm just cool, confident, awesome and loved by the masses.

Story where Pokemon were used as fillers. I really should pick this fanfic back up.

You forgot humble.

Anyway, here's a couple stories I remember where Pokemon were only marginal to the plot, and quite nonexistent altogether.

How to Write Stories
'dis is mine, basically it's a story about a boy writing a story. I don't even remember if Pokemon were real or just fictional chaacters here.

Pokemon is Serious Business!
the story was about a girl getting scammed on WiFi and chasing the scammer all over the world for her Abra. Then things got weird.

There may be many more but I don't know any
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