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Default Re: MarshyMallow's Reffing Book

Rainy Weather
No Terrain
No Helds/Items
Vermillion City Gym Challenge

Leader Medz vs. Challenger Sequentio

Lanturn, Electrode, Manectric vs Jynx, Quagsire, Raichu

Seq missed with a Lovely Kiss then got Confuse'd and then smacked and PAR'd. Quagsire came in as Lanturn Agilitied. Who also got Confused and proceeded to smack a little, but eventually killed Lanturn. Electrode killed Quagsire with some more smacking thrown in. Jynx came back in and failed to use Lovely Kiss like 5 times. But it eventually hit as Electrode tried to kill it. Jynx used Dream Eater for some HP, but Trode woke and exploded. Raichu and Manectric were sent. Raichu had surf. meant it won

Seq defeats gym: 2000+Thunder Badge + TM Shock Wave
Medz loses: 1000
Me refs: 1500

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